Hi:) Do you remember the paper games you played during your youth? Perhaps you are going back to the past and playing again. I am thinking here of ships, states – cities, and just the circle and the cross which is going to be discussed today. I used to play during especially boring lessons and even on longer breaks. I remember these times very nicely, among other things, because they were carefree times and yet we did not have so many worries about adult life as children.
Today I will share with you my first impressions of Trexo, or the circle and the cross on the board, presented in a slightly different way. We can share our opinion about the game thanks to the courtesy of Egmont USA.
Do you play with a circle or a cross?
Trexo is a board game that allows you to get to know the circle and the cross from the other side. This is a game of Egmont USA and is intended only for two players, so it will probably meet with the approval of people who most often play for two. Trexo is suitable for children from the age of seven, there is no upper age limit. The game time is very short, about 15 minutes; that’s as little as nothing. Due to the short time of the game, players who do not have much time for long games should like the game. What is the game like? In the same way as the circle and the cross, we only do this on the board with the help of tiles.
Assumptions of Trexo
Inside the package you will find instructions in the form of a small sheet of paper. The rules are very tiny, so you can go straight to the game. The manual itself is clear and easy to read. The aim of the game is to place your five symbols next to each other, these symbols can be placed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
The tiles can be laid in different ways:
vertically or horizontally, so that they cover exactly two fields on the board
the plate to be laid on top must lie on two different plates
The tile must lie flat on the top.
the new tile does not have to be adjacent to the previous tile
Under no circumstances may the plate protrude beyond the board.
During Trexo we will experience negative interaction, because our opponent will want to block us at any price in order to deprive us of the victory. Actually, the whole game revolves around manoeuvres that make it impossible for our opponent to win.
In the case of Trexo the re playability is on quite a decent level, every time new combinations appear on the board, you have to head some headlines during the game. Moreover, the game is not boring, it is fast and the situation is changing dynamically. In our case, the playability is slightly influenced by the sentiment we give to the circle and the cross. And in this case you don’t have to worry about whether it’s suitable for two players.
The packaging of the game is solidly made and is dominated by green colours. Inside we will find a game board, so it can fit even on a smaller table with little success. In addition, there is a one-page instruction manual, also in green, written legibly, with instructional graphics. Going further you will find very important equipment, i.e. tiles with symbols of a circle and a cross. The tiles are made with the necessary precision, the symbols are delicately recessed into the form and filled with colour. Of course, it all lies in the press, so the tiles are tidy and do not move around the packaging.
Trexo costs slightly more than 60 USD, in my opinion the price could be a bit lower, as for such equipment. But the game is still a good idea for a gift for two kids or for a couple. It’s great to play, negative interaction is present, and the game has a low entry threshold and very simple and easy to explain rules.
Thank you to the Egmont Publishing House for making the game available!