Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosaurus rex) is one of the largest terrestrial predators on earth. The fossils found show that it could grow up to 12 meters long, up to 6 meters high, and could weigh up to 6 and a half tons.

The cone-shaped, edged teeth of the tyrannosaurus were adapted to grab and bite pieces of meat, which the dinosaur then pulled off with a powerful jerk of the head. When one of his teeth was broken off, a new one quickly emerged in his place. He hunted but did not despise the carrion either. He could eat up to 200 kg of meat at a time. Such a meal was enough for him for a few days.

Scientists did not manage to explain to tyrannosaurs what very short limbs with two fingers might have been useful for. The tyrannosaur had a big head, short and muscular neck, very muscular hind legs, feet with big claws. The trunk of this dinosaur was massive, but many bones were empty inside, which reduced their weight. The powerful, stiff tail was a counterbalance to the trunk and big head. The skin of the tyrannosaurus was covered with round scales. Check: tyranozaur – Dinozaury.org.
Tyrannosaurs inhabited the area of today’s North America. They lived in the period called late chalk, about 68 to 65 million years ago. They were one of the last dinosaurs and died out during the great extinction that ended the Mesozoic era.

Tyrannosaurus belongs to the order of Gaudium dinosaurs (Saurischia).

What sounds did the tyrannosaur make?

Scientists decided to check the hypothesis that the famous predatory dinosaurs did not produce sounds similar to those of today’s predators.
The research took into account the sounds emitted by the closest living relatives of dinosaurs, i.e. birds, alligators and crocodiles. The size of the tyrannosaurs and their weight were also taken into account, as these parameters affect the animal’s roar.