The temptation to save on doing business can be very strong. Where are entrepreneurs most likely to screw on a tap with cash register? Of course in the promotion section. Although every serious business owner is aware of the importance of advertising, not everyone understands that it should be carried out by experts. Asking a friend, especially a family member (e.g. a son or daughter), for help is a simple way to get into good trouble. Why? Discover the most important arguments.
It is difficult to require a friend (and family) to
Business cooperation with someone very close to you is always extremely risky. Therefore, it is worth avoiding it as much as possible. If you decide to entrust a family member or friend with the marketing of your business, you will sooner or later have a conflict between you.
Imagine such a situation. For example, you asked your cousin to lead your company’s social media. Initially, his cousin was not lacking in enthusiasm, but with time his willingness was diminishing, and finally he gave up on it. What can you do? After all, you will not give him notice of your contract because you have not drawn it up. You will not impose a contractual penalty on him because he is a family. The situation is stalemate. Your relationship will deteriorate, your cousin will swallow the bitter pill of professional failure, and you will… become with neglected profiles that will certainly not improve the image of your business.

Lack of adequate competence

The so-called “old-date entrepreneurs” very often think about the use of family assistance in conducting marketing activities. In their opinion, all young people know each other well “on the Internet”, so any teenager will be able to take care of the brand recognition of the company on the Internet. This is an extremely naive approach.
Internet use and its skilful use for marketing purposes are two completely different issues. Don’t assume that if, for example, your son is browsing Facebook all day long, he or she will be able to manage the brand profile management on Facebook perfectly. It doesn’t really work. Social media experts have been working on their position for years and have knowledge about e.g. Facebook, which even the greatest enthusiasts of social media did not dream about.

No substantive support

When you decide to entrust your advertising activities to a friend, you are in fact doomed to his grace and disfavour – that is, you have to count on luck. If this person does not really have a green idea about online or offline marketing, then we will be dealing with a classic situation described as: leading a blind deaf person.
The amateur is not able to determine whether his actions will have any effect. So your company will be the subject of experimentation, and you will not realize even when problems arise from the sincere desire of a friend.

It is good to have helpful people and great friends around you. Relations with them, however, should be purely social. In business you have to use the services of professionals and pay for them honestly. Amateurish will always be your hiccup in the end.