There is always talk of pressure, pressure, giving 100% or more of oneself. But if you listen only to that and really “get out of yourself” every day… your effects will not be as good as they could be if you just relaxed!
But be careful – I don’t mean that you should now start lying on the sofa all day long! ? I’m talking about a sensible relaxation – with your head on!
I am already explaining what this is all about.
We train not only to burn calories, but also to speed up your metabolism. If you only rely on running, cycling, zumba classes, etc., you will lose weight. But I can bet that you don’t want to. It’s not about pounding for pounding alone! I guess you want to have a nice, slender, firm silhouette without excessive fatty tissue. So you need strength training (you can also do it at home). You can see examples on my YouTube In Condition channel. And when you train really well (some cardio training, some strength training), your muscles will develop micro-traumas that will heal during REGENERATION and, of course, with the right diet and training plan – making your muscles stronger and boosting your metabolism to burn fat 24 hours a day. Without regeneration there is no way to repair these micro-traumas, so there will be no desired effects.