The tinted eye of Penelope Cruz’s curly eyelashes is full of Spanish temperament – depth, energy and magnetism. Her phenomenal look is not only due to her eyelid shadows and black crayon – her eyelash mascara plays an important role in eye make-up! Which cosmetics should you use to make up your eyes? These are our hints.
Eyelash mascara – discover the best
To achieve a hypnotic and seductive look, you should choose the right mascara for your lashes. Good mascara is one of three cosmetics, next to a good cream and a perfect foundation, which you must have in your beautician. That doesn’t mean you have to spend money on it! There are many types of mascaras on the market, from of course very expensive to more affordable. a mascara does not have to cost a fortune! You will find a great cosmetic in just over a dozen USD. One of the products that we have tested and which is among the top three best mascara inks is Golden Rose Lash Plumping Mascara. It is this cosmetic that deserves great applause from us, mainly because it maximizes the volume of lashes, emphasizes them and lengthens them. His toothbrush has a new structure that lifts lashes and separates them perfectly. Another of our cosmetic favourites is Golden Rose Definitive Volume & Lenght Mascara. This miracle will make your lashes look spectacularly longer and thicker, and your look will gain clarity and depth. The third gem on our tested list is Golden Rose Infinity Lash Mascara. The flexible and wide brush allows even and precise application of mascara from the lashes’ base to their very ends. Eyelashes become completely elongated, bold and overturned.
Be like Penelope Cruz
Penelope loves to emphasize his chestnut eyes a little more. Which cosmetics should you use and how do you make up the “Penelope Cruz” style? You’ll certainly need a palette of light (beige) and dark (brown) eye shadows, a brown eye crayon and lengthening and twisting black mascara. If you have completed all the necessary cosmetics, it’s time to get down to work. Step by step make up:
Apply a light shade to your eyelids until you reach the eyebrow beneath your eyebrows.
Use a brown crayon to draw the contour of the eye. The line on the lower eyelid should be thicker. Connect the upper and lower lines.
Fill the lower inner eyelid along the waterline with a soft crayon.
Apply beige shade to the center of your moving eyelid.
Apply a brown shade to the bottom line. Apply the same shade to the upper eyelid. Start from the outside of your eye by marking the outline.
Apply light shade in the corner of the eye and under the line of eyebrows.
Finally, apply two layers of mascara. Remember to cut your eyelashes carefully.
Remember that the basis for a perfect and stunning eye make-up is a mascara. It is thanks to it that your eyes will attract attention of everyone around you. Firstly, because they will become larger, more expressive, hypnotic and feminine.