In every open field, like mushrooms in the rain, new blocks of flats are being built. Often still at the stage of so-called “holes in the ground”, all the premises are sold. Is it possible to buy a flat without looking at it? After all, sometimes we have to wait for them and 2 years from the moment of purchase. There are a few things you should concentrate on while searching, so as not to make a mistake. How do I choose an apartment?
Many times I saw a plan of a flat and just fall in love with it. Then I decided to look at the ones that had already “become”. Do you know how many times I was disappointed? Something on the set that looked incredibly encouraging, usually turned out to be completely unfit for purpose. Instead of wasting time watching everything that comes to our attention, it is worth to set up several points at the very beginning, which the flat must fulfil. In this way, we will be able to sift out a lot of proposals that do not fit us and save a lot of time.
How do I choose an apartment?
First of all, answer some basic questions. How long do you want to live in this place? If you know that the property you choose is only a temporary place, you do not have to choose a flat with a spare room for your child, which you plan to have in a few years’ time. What is most important to you? Maybe it’s a big balcony where you’ll meet your friends, or a room that you’ll use for your office or gym. Or maybe the basis of your search will be a garden for you? Many housing estates have such apartments. Write down on a piece of paper all the necessary elements of such a flat and on this basis sift through those that do not meet them.
How do I choose the right location?
First of all, consider whether you are planning to use a car or public transport. Think about whether you want to have access to the park or a place where you can go for walks or sports. If you know that you are buying apartments for years, then it is necessary to check the flammability of the space! Maybe in a year’s time a factory is to be built in front of your window instead of a beautiful park? It may also turn out that the view of the beautiful field will turn into a view of the neighbor’s apartment, with which you will be able to give your hands through the balcony. Also check if there are any shops or restaurants in your area. Ask the developer if there will be a pub or other premises at the bottom that may disturb the silence.
Before you buy a flat, it is worth getting up one day earlier to go to the building and see what our commute to work will look like. Perhaps such a test will result in you not choosing this location.
Will the apartment be functional?
Looking at the plan, try to imagine how you’ll set up your furniture right away. Wouldn’t you be bothered by the fact that the only possible setting in a given flat is hanging the TV set by the fridge itself. Think about whether you prefer a flat with a kitchenette or a completely closed kitchen. Of course, it is always possible to make minor changes afterwards, but we must make sure that minor changes are possible. Choose the right floor if you do not have a lift in the block, take into account that you will have to shop or take a baby stroller. Also, make sure that the windows are not adjacent to the waste bins. If you like silence, choose the location from the patio side rather than the street side. You can also make sure where the playground is to be built in the estate. Don’t forget to check which direction the windows are facing. Match light to your lifestyle.
If you already have your own flats, it is important to let them know what started annoying you after some time! If you are just looking for a flat, what is the most important thing for you?