<<-- Go to the beginning of the article Many people also emphasize the importance of knowledge in addition to love. It seems obvious: a man who has knowledge of how to solve his problems does not commit suicide, but rather solves it. It is worth noting that having the knowledge, for example, about the threats, we can better (wisely) lead our lives, and thus avoid the problems that will crush us later. In particular, we talked a lot about this in our book "The future of the European Union. "How to change your life", so we encourage you to read it. Instead of succumbing to suicidal thoughts, we seek to change or improve our lives. This will be more beneficial to us than counting on nothing after death, on suicide to solve our problems and on us not being punished in any way. Since people close to death were finally rescued by doctors, their relationship stops at the meeting with the Sacred Being, so we do not know from their message what happens next. However, the next stages can be found in mystics. As one can easily guess, they are going to be different for "good" and "bad" people. This is the relationship between the soul of Purgatory, the pious person, and a small number of evil deeds. When I entered Heaven, Mary accompanied me and introduced me to Jesus, saying: "Behold, it came from the great water. Jesus told me, "Come, my beloved heart! Then, spreading out his hands and showing his Kingdom without borders, he spoke again: "Stay with us - And I began to say "My fault" shamed and humiliated. - Oh, if I had loved Him more and served Him more faithfully during my lifetime! But it was enough for Jesus and he was satisfied with a bit of my good will. And that's what the mystic Zofia Nosko, who was shown the death of a young boy, saw in the USA: The young man you see abandoned God's way and decided to live in complete separation from God. I saw two ugly shadows approaching the bright shadow standing next to my body. The bright shadow resembled a boy, he was terrified, trembling, looking for help and rescue in the crowd. The body, on the other hand, was lying dead. Two dark, ugly shadows approached the boy and covered him with their claws, pulling him into a dark part. In a distant place an angel stood, covered his face with his wings and cried. Again he told me: this soul will be in distress to the Lord's Court. "("The Messages of Salvation") Knowing the general picture and knowing what to expect after death, let us learn from it that, firstly, death will not solve or end our problems and, secondly, instead of thinking about taking our lives, let us only look at how to deal with our problems or our whole lives. In the following chapters we will deal with the fight against suicide. We also encourage you to read our other manuals: "How to change one's life", "How to free oneself from the psychological swamp" or "How to deal with depression". With their help we will manage all our problems.