Behind the mountains… Behind the woods… there is the region of Agios Ioanis – a pearl for adventure climbers and climbers of their own choice. The journey itself is a challenge for the driver and passengers.
First you have to climb a steep uphill stretch of the ascent with serpentines and then a steep gravel descent along a road carved in the rock. Here you will not experience asphalt, barriers, but the exposure and thrill of emotions is guaranteed. The ski slope is 8 km long and runs for more than half an hour.
Once you have reached the car park, a half-hour walk along the marked hiking trail awaits you, right up to the huge cave. The first climbing routes are shown here.
In order to discover all of them, you have to descend lower on the cliff. The climbing lines stretch for about 2 km, because the area is directly by the sea, the condition of the flights must be checked on an ongoing basis and it is worth (and even must) to take the cubes with you.
Climbing here is unique and scenic, far from the crowds and onlookers. The lines are long, the grips are sharp and the difficulties are quite considerable. The topo is on the climbingcrete page and some roads are described. But, as it is on the finish line, it’s hard to get solid materials for climbers. We know that there is a region, but we do not know what awaits us there.
We did not climb here, but we are delighted with the possibilities of the region and the lines drawn. It is a place for those who like climbing away from the wild crowds. There is simply no one here. We strongly recommend, but we are allergic to it – take your own safety equipment and an off-road car.
Access: Agios Ioanis, south of Crete. We recommend the off-road car!
Topo: climbngcrete.
Accommodation: In Capetaniana. You will find . Practical tips: there are no shops nearby, you can buy food where you sleep. Nearby is the climbing region of Capetaniana – mountainous, very interestingly developed. We didn’t manage to visit it, but it looks good on TOPO. Link: HEREBY.
I inspired you – give you a puppet! Your recommendation is important to me.
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