The family model consists of a mother, a father and a child. Unfortunately, it is only a scientific approach to this scheme, because in our times mothers were responsible for cleaning, cooking, bringing up children and a number of other household chores. Dad was supposed to work, bring money and provide for the family first of all. Unfortunately, this model does not function properly and, bearing in mind the evolution of women, nowadays men are increasingly involved in housework and bringing up children. Can fathers raise their children?
A dad bringing up his child can also be a nice father.
Sometimes do you have a father who often sends your child back to you when he or she needs help with his or her problem? This is a mistake. To explain that mother knows better is to dispose of her child. Children very often perceive it as a lack of interest in their person, and the worst thing is that when a child comes, they confess their dad with the first rejection by the girl, and your partner sits and watches the TV.
Nobody is ideal, but a child cannot be treated objectively, he or she must be taught everything. It is not enough just to give him life… Unfortunately, men approach this subject a little with a pinch of salt, or claim that it will somehow happen. The fact that nowadays we are chasing money and career means that we have too little time to embrace all of this. But remember: you’re not alone! The division of responsibilities within your family is not only a convenience for you, but also a way of involving everyone around you. When your partner doesn’t know where to start, don’t chase him but help him.
On Facebook and Instagram a campaign devoted to the topic of bringing up children by fathers has been launched. Every dad can be cool, just a little bit of commitment and getting to know his child. School time is a very important time, because everything is new. Not only subjects at school, but also new acquaintances, first love, first opportunities for sexual intercourse, first contacts with alcohol and drugs… It’s very important to be with your child at this time!
On the Tato.Net website, you can download the e-book entitled “The Internet”. “Getting to know the world together”. This fantastic guide shows you how important it is to be a dad. And it’s not about making money, it’s about paying attention to your child, talking to them, just being interested in their lives. How to do it?
Meet friends of your children – remember the names of his friends, attend ballet and sports performances, take part in interviews. Spend more time with him – go for a walk, to the cinema, on a bicycle, go for football training, dancing, etc. Education – be interested in his knowledge and not only his assessments. Make sure that all important dates are recorded in the calendar. In this way, you will remember how it went after a given classroom. Offer help to your child by reading an essay or asking a history lesson. Set an example – inspire your child, just have a university office or read books. In this way your child will be informed that you are not sitting on your laurels and that you are curious about the world, maybe you will find a common hobby. Reward, prepare by interviewing to maturity, be the biggest fan of your child, motivate, encourage, show your feelings.
The lack of a father in raising a child makes entering the adult world vulnerable to conflicts with the law, addiction to psychoactive substances, truancy, rejection, alienation, low self-esteem, or too early sexual initiation.
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