It is not without reason that someone once said that a person has either excuses or results in life. The road to success does not provide excuses or shortcuts. To achieve your goals and make your dreams come true, you need to be immune to that quiet voice in your head that punishes you to turn back, which almost always comes up when you want to take a step forward.
What are your excuses?
Below I have listed the excuses that are supposed to be the most popular. I write “supposedly” because I wrote them out on the basis of conversations with my friends who want to practice regularly, but they don’t always get it right. I must admit that I was sure I would write this short article right away, because it would not be difficult for me to find a dozen or so excuses from training and write them down. It turned out that as soon as I sat down, I had a black void in my head. Why? Because I do not accept excuses! I also wish you this!
I will start on Monday. Do I really look so bad to get up at 5am? I will do it tomorrow. Today I think I’ll do it myself, because I still have leaven after the last training. Too heavy… I have to reduce the weight. Kurde, I have uncomfortable shoes for this exercise. I will do something else. First I will take a form, and then I will buy a pass. I have too few sports clothes. After work I am too tired of training. I do not have the time. I am ashamed. Form? Who needs it? Maybe I’m a bit thicker, but at least I accept myself. Training isn’t good, I have genes like that.
In one of the articles on the Training you will find a more detailed description of the excuses that make the training postponed or lowered. I like the thinking of the author of this text.
Write boldly about your approach to the gym and the excuse ?