A child at this age is already well developed and has many skills. It is important to polish them through good play, so that the child does not become lazy. This is a very dynamic period in a child’s development, so you should choose toys that will either give vent to their emotions or focus their attention. A child at this age is very rebellious, stands up for himself and often thinks that he is entitled to everything. Choosing the right toys is a good idea to suppress at least some of his destructive zeal.

A good choice of toys – examples

For a 4-year-old, toys that will allow him to actively spend time with them and discharge his energy will be very desirable. Hence, balls and various types of sports toys can play a very important part of toy sets in a child’s home. Healthy competition, running and motor coordination is no doubt a good option.
Another idea is to polish the motor coordination and infinite imagination of the child. It’s also a good idea to use a variety of different puzzles and building blocks. Lego bricks, which can be dismantled after assembling, and often a better word is “demolish”, are a lot of fun.

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However, you should not forget about constant education – hence the choice of several educational toys will also be advisable. He can already distinguish letters or count. Very popular educational toys for 4-year-olds are:

-Puzzles – allowing to arrange certain shapes honing motor coordination
-Jobs and passions – if a child is interested in a doctor, dentist or construction industry, it is worth choosing toys related to his field of study encouraging him to deepen his knowledge on the subject
-Sewing books- perfect for practicing manual skills


The main feature of a toy should be appropriately selected difficulty to the age of the child, so for 4 year olds should always pay attention to the age range available on the package of the toy. If it agrees with the age of your child, you can decide to buy them.