Do you read books? And do you know that over 60% of Poles did not read any book last year? That is quite sad news. Fortunately, however, there are those who put all their energy into promoting reading and organising great events.
Undoubtedly, Zuzanna Gajewska, a promoter of reading, is such a person, as she has recently launched the Voice of a Book campaign.
Seeing such a great initiative and such a committed person as Susanna, I could not be indifferent. I joined the action and will present what is at stake in all of this to you right away. Maybe you will also want to join in, which I strongly urge you to do.
And for those who read books I have a gift – summer bookmarks.
But first about the action and then about the bookmarks.
Volumes. Voice of the Book
Volume action. The voice of a book is an initiative aimed at promoting reading. The activities undertaken within its framework are to make the public aware that books are an excellent way of spending free time and that there will always be time for reading, for example waiting in a queue for a doctor or travelling by public transport. This is a chance to reach out to people who may not have discovered the joy of reading yet.
The action lasts from 1 June to 23 September. The action will be summed up during the Wielorzecze Literature Festival in Elbląg, which will take place on 23-25 September 2017.
The action is a social campaign. You will not be paid for it, but if you are active you can count on a book gift from the Action Partners.
It’s nothing that the action is already in progress. You can still join if you feel like it.
You can become an Ambassador/Participant in the action by taking on one of three roles:
Superhero or a member of the Team of Boredom Gromes – each of the participants who dares to read aloud in a public place.
Helper to the Superhero – Shows the book in public places, performs the rest of his tasks like the Superhero, who can always be promoted if he dares to read it out loud.
Promoter – informs about the campaign on his blog and social media, enlists Participants. The promoter can also change the role on their own request.
There are at least three actions per month: June, July, August (readings in different places or on the same date, but on different dates).
The main tasks of the action are to
Take the book and read it in a public place
You can read in the waiting room at the doctor’s, standing in line, driving on public transport. Wherever you see boredom and impatience on people’s faces. You can also visit hospitals, schools and kindergartens.
2. read aloud
This is the idea of the action – a rescue for those who did not take the book with them. They are waiting for something, they are terribly bored. You can start reading aloud right away or ask people if they feel like it by telling them a little about the action. You don’t have to read long, a short fragment is enough to convey an idea.
But if reading aloud is a problem for you – nothing is lost – there are other solutions. You can carry a few books with you and ask others if they want to read yourselves a moment. Read to everyone or to one person sitting next door, for example your children.
3 Read the book from the list of publishers
It is up to you to choose the book you want to share with others. If you want to read aloud, but it is important that the book you choose is published by one of the partner publishers, it is a matter of copyright. You can also use the works in the public domain and on the Free Reads website without restrictions. The mere appearance of a book does not limit the titles.
4. document and promote
Take a book yourself, ask someone to take a picture of you while you are reading, or record a video when you are reading. Post your picture(s) in social media. Mark the drawer-shelf in the bed and don’t forget about the hastags: it’s necessary to have a sound book, optionally a volume, a volume #promotion #promotion # is read by the hero #conquer the book and other interesting configurations.
5. write a post on your blog
Post a report of your reading on your blog at least once a month. Add the above mentioned photo or video and the action logo to the post. If you do not act legibly in a given month, simply write that such an initiative is taking place.
6. invite others
You can encourage people in general, and you can challenge friends who you think are also suitable as Superheroes.
If you are interested you can join the group on Facebook.
Incentive voucher – bookmarks for books to print
If you are reading books, you certainly use bookmarks. I know from experience that a bookmark can be everything, even a receipt, but I think it is more pleasant to have something nicer.
For those who read, and also to encourage those who have forgotten how pleasant it is to read a book, I have prepared bookmarks for printing on a very topical, summer theme.
I have prepared as many as 8 patterns – you can use different bookmarks for each book, or after printing.