Human death
The death of a loved one is always very painful for us. We are trying to come to terms with the idea that we will never see it again. Sometimes we imagine a dead man in the company of angels, who experiences a carefree life in Heaven. We are waiting for a sign… This topic has always aroused great interest among the living: what is on the other side? This is a question that seems to be unanswered by the wild. Yet… From time to time, people who were close to death tell amazing stories. One of the most frequent such statements is the claim, that they left their bodies and observed in advance the doctors who resuscitated them. After being brought back to life, they can tell exactly which doctor did what and what he said at the moment. This type of experience of people who were rescued is called the experience on the verge of death. This is the topic that we will address in this hearing.
The first strong argument for survival at the border of death (PNPS) is statistics. According to reports from the Centre for Public Opinion Research, one in twenty people in the United States has experienced such experiences. Perhaps there are also people among the readers who have had similar experiences. It is certainly not a product of the imagination of contemporary man, because it turns out that experiences on the border of death have already been reported by people from previous eras. For example, we reproduce a painting by Hieronim Bosch painted five hundred years ago. The painter entitled him “Elevation to Heavenly Paradise”. It shows souls of people rising to the light. This picture shows exactly what people who survived their own death are telling us, that they were heading towards a dark tunnel at the end of which there was a white light.
Photo: Wikimedia
Survival at the limit of death
All those who have experienced the NSPF claim that what they have experienced is difficult to tell in earthly words. There are no words, no comparisons… Furthermore, each one of them “died” in a different manner. The quantity and quality of these experiences depends on whether someone “died” or was just about to die. The longer a person has been “dead”, the deeper his or her experiences will be.
It is very difficult for people to determine in what form they found themselves after leaving their physical bodies. Probably it is some form of “spiritual body”. Its properties include passing through walls and inability to make contact with the living. When we want to shake someone by the shoulder, our hand will pass through them like through the air!
A luminous being
However, the most impressive impression on the “dead” is made by the meeting of “A Brilliant Being”. It is not an ordinary character. It is rather a kind of extremely intense (but not glaring) light, which has a personality and can communicate with us telepathically. It emanates with love and warmth, which penetrates through the deceased and leads him into a state of such deep tranquillity and bliss that later, when he comes to return to life, he does not want it, and even resists it. Usually this being prepares a person to go to that side. The beginning of this is to make the deceased, as he was a man, aware of it. Therefore, his whole life is shown in the form of short snapshots changing with a dizzying speed. That is not all. If he has injured someone, he feels in the picture what the injured person felt. The same is true of good deeds. This ‘retro’ film, as we call it, is by no means intended to accuse the deceased. In any case, the deceased himself plays the role of judge here. The Sacred Being always emanates with his unspeakable love and accepts the deceased as he is. It is a shame to man that he has not acted as he should have done.