Whether you’re standing on the Dark side or on the Bright side of the power, if you come here, it means you hope to find the best gifts from the Star Wars. The task is not easy because Star Wars gadgets are on the market as much as hair on Chevy’s body, and the money in the wallet as many as flashes on Yoda’s head. Fortunately, we have prepared a practical list that will help you find the desired gadget from the Star Wars to the amount at your disposal.
#1 Dobble Star Wars
I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t start with the game… If you’ve never heard about Dobble in your life, I recommend you to read our review of the classic game. In short, it is a party title for a virtually unlimited number of players, where reflexes and the ability to find pairs of symbols on two different cards count. The task is all the more difficult as there is only one common symbol on each pair of cards, which has to be called before others can do it. You should easily find this game under 50USD together with your shipment.
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#2 Star Wars boxers
Elegant underwear can awaken the circulation of midchlorians in the blood… or somehow. Anyway, wearing such panties under your clothes will make you feel more epic, mysterious and sexy. And if your partner likes Star Wars, too, you know what’s going to happen next, right? Exactly! You will have to find her underwear as well and unfortunately there is a bigger problem because for the female sex no one has heard about Star Wars underwear…
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#3 Booklets “Darth Vader and Son”, “Vader and Daughter
An illustrated journal inspired by the international bestseller “Darth Vader and Son”. The book contains funny drawings by Jeffrey Brown showing the advantages and disadvantages of being a father and leader of an ominous Galactic Empire. Thanks to him you will learn how history could go about if Anakin brought up his children. A great gift for young parents and not only, which will not burden your wallet (diaries cost about $13).
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#4 Disney Star Wars Thermal Cup
For his 30th birthday Grzegorz got a BB-8 thermal cup from his friends, exactly as you can see in the picture above. Although we have many other thermos at home, this one is our favourite not only because it looks great. He simply stays warm (up to 6 hours!) and doesn’t drip. We use it intensively in our travels and recommend it to you as a great, universal gift.
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#5 Thermo-active cup with light swords
And here is a gadget that stands on the thin edge of kitsch and geekiness. Cold presents many different types of handles from light swords, and flooded with boiling water it makes your eyes happy with colorful lights. For me personally, cups are such a gift in the style of socks, but Grzesiek thinks it’s great and makes the pressure on Santa Claus delicate… This thermal specimen you’ll find in a few American shops for about 40 USD.
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#6 Posters from Star Wars
Posters are a great and cheap idea for decorating an apartment, provided, of course, that we do not stick them to the wall with adhesive tape, and put them in a glass anti-frame. In our kitchen there is a film poster hanging from “Return of Jedi”, but in the web you will find a lot of more humorous graphics referring to any of the characters or classic lyrics.
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#7 Silicone Star Wars moulds for ice, chocolate and cookies
Alliexpress is simply flooded with similar moulds. As for my taste for cookies, they are suitable on average because of their small size, but as ice cube moulds they are excellent. We like to throw Hana Solo into Cola – such a drink looks 100 times better at once!
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#8 Star Wars socks
Socks are passeas as gifts, unless we are talking about Star Wars socks. Just look at the miracles! In American shops we can find similar textiles only on shelves with children’s clothing, but fortunately it is Alliexpress offering universal sizes. Cost? Below 10USD per pair. Cheap!
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#9 Star Wars earrings
It’s time for the ladies to see the light of day! Jewellery stores are full of boring and nightmarishly expensive jewellery. If your girlfriend likes “Star Wars” I recommend to make her earrings in the form of Millennium Falcon or Death Stars. They are a perfect fit for everyday clothes and discreetly emphasize the fact that they belong to a fandom. At Alliexpress you will find a whole lot of earrings of this type for a few USD.
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#10 Star Wars Funko Pop figures
Why do we love Funko Pop figures? First of all because they look lovely on your desk and shelf, even if they depict characters.