Something for those who want to get as close as possible to the perfect shape of the hourglass.
This type of silhouette is desired by all women and is characterized by wider arms, narrow waist, and wider hips (preferably when they are shoulder widths, but the most important thing is the waist narrower than the hips and shoulders).
Barges can be extended with appropriate exercises, which will give them a nice shape and will not be susceptible to accumulation of fatty tissue in this place.
We also have an influence on the waist – the fatty tissue in this place should be at a healthy level (too little, or too much fatty tissue in this place is the cause of many diseases), and the abdominal muscles should not be developed too much.
However, we have the greatest problem with our hips, because certain things cannot be changed naturally. If you have too many centimetres in your hips… you are lucky! This does not pose a threat to your health, and if you want to reduce the girth, just a proper diet, and training! ? Something else, when the hips are too narrow – then it may not be possible to get the desired gap between the legs, and the muscles on both sides (on the hips, on the sides) are quite small and we can not develop them as much as large buttocks, for example. There are also quite a few hip-dips, i.e. depressions in the hips (but about this in another article).
So many things can be improved naturally and quite quickly, and I will be happy to help you in this by writing an individual diet and training plan tailored to your abilities and preferences ? If you want to learn how to cooperate with me in this matter, CLICK HERE.
But even before you start with your silhouette in such a concrete way (with the right plan), or if your silhouette is already very well shaped and you just need to emphasize it, or correct it visually, such a styling can be very useful for you ?
Today I am presenting you with my style for warm days. We have here an elegant, yet subtly revealing a little bit of a black blouse, or rather a top. In addition, short denim shorts in white and in a high condition, as well as elegant black sandals on the platform.
Let us start from the bottom:
The taller the shoe, the longer the legs will be. I love shoes with stripes, but an even better effect would be without them (even longer legs).
Bright pants, because we want the hips and buttocks to enlarge, rounded. These shorts also have fashionably frayed pants and side straps, which make the whole look more interesting. It is obligatory to wear shorts in high condition! Luckily, the fashion for hips from which everything was spilled and which shortened the legs has already passed ? Now, dressing trousers (very timely) with a high condition, you extend your legs, highlight your waist and mask all the tires! ?
And finally the black top. This color “reduces”, so in contrast to white shorts it visibly reduces the circumference of the waist.
The whole is a great companion and helps us to get closer, or to get the perfect silhouette ?
I told them a bit and showed them how everything looks in motion on YouTube. Watch the following movie and if you have a little extra centimeters, remember that I’m preparing individual plans ?
The entire hairstyle consists of Stradivarius-branded clothes.