Welcome ? today I have prepared for you unboxing very colorful party game Fruit Ninja, from Rebel publishing house. You probably know this name perfectly well from the arcade game for mobile devices, in which you need to show your cleverness in order to cut fruits and not to make a bomb. This cardboard is based on this game.
Fruit Ninja is an arcade game for three to six people, and the youngest player must be 8 years old. As befits a party game, the game time is not long. It lasts from 20 to 40 minutes.
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This is how the game packaging looks. As you can see it is very, very colorful effectively referring to the subject and title of the game. The box is made of solid cardboard, with high precision.
Going further in the box you will find an instruction for the game, which is very thin and the text in it is not much. The inside of the manual is also quite attractive visually.
We have a moulding machine in which every element has its own place. Inside you can see a small number of cards, chips in bags, and a black wooden catana.
The picture shows available types of fruit in the waist, which can be found in the box. The cards have a smooth texture and should not wear out during intensive use. In the centre of the circle there is a black katana made of wood.
There is also our little notebook for points. What more should you add ?
Five types of chips can also be found in the box and are accompanied by string bags. The chips are made of thick cardboard and do not break away.