The man seems not to see you change. Nothing more wrong, we are great observers, but sometimes we deny certain facts from our subconscious in order not to allow the news that the relationship has been going on for a long time. Betrayal is probably the worst thing that can happen to you.
How do you know that your partner is betraying you?
Excessive sensitivity and interest in sex – if you notice that your partner wants to go to bed with you more often than usual, it should give you a signal. The feeling of guilt and the elevated libido, the pouring out of feelings and nice words can have a second bottom. It’s not true that a man after betrayal has to show you that right away.
Sudden interest in your person – he suddenly asks about your graphic designer, asks a lot of questions, the more you say the more he doesn’t have to. He bombards you with information about a hobby that has appeared from nowhere, he withdraws from Facebook’s life, it may at first be a manifestation of a change that you have asked for, but after a long time he must have something on his conscience – be careful.
Business trips, overtime – this usually does not look good. Look at it, it is suspiciously endured in a fleeting romance with a colleague at work.