Smart TV is basically already standard, but not everyone knows what it means to be able to do it. Intelligent equipment such as a modern Samsung or Sony TV is usually at the heart of the living room and at the same time an entertainment centre. Prices for Smart TVs vary, but you can also find cheaper and more interesting models. But if you’re still wondering what the smart TV has to offer, we’ll explain it to you!
Manufacturers of electronic equipment are competing in innovative solutions and technologies to meet our wildest expectations. Just watch the new Samsung or Philips TV of your choice to see for yourself. Currently, there is a Wi-Fi TV on the market, which will provide fun to the whole family, allowing access to numerous applications and collections of films, series or games.
4K TVs with Smart TV option – ideal equipment
The rich offer includes content suitable for everyone, both adults and children. But Smart isn’t all – 4K televisions are now popular to provide high quality images thanks to modern technology. No wonder that this perfect combination is very popular!
What does a Wi-Fi TV offer?
Smart appliances were not very popular at the beginning because they were expensive. Now the prices of Smart TVs are much lower and offer many possibilities. Thanks to the Internet connection, Samsung or Panasonic TV gives us access to films, series and games, as well as VOD or Netflix services. What’s more, we can browse the web or use social networks and various applications.
Smart TV and more and more possibilities
The 4K TV with Smart TV provides us with more and more possibilities, not only related to entertainment. We can order lunch, check the bank account balance, use instant messenger or just rent a movie, which on the 4K TV you can watch almost like in the cinema. However, it is worth remembering that we are linked to a specific platform, because each manufacturer creates its own.
Only a few years ago, one could have been afraid that the television would be replaced by laptops and the Internet. But at the end of television it is absolutely not broadcast. Instead of competing, the TV cooperates with a modern medium, the Internet. And the result is really interesting!
One remote control is enough?
The prices of TV sets depend on the size of the screen, the type of modern technologies used, but also on the capabilities of Smart TV. It is worth mentioning that smart TVs with Wi-Fi are also a possibility of personalization. Each user can freely set the screen for himself, selecting, among other things, his favorite content. For some models, such as Samsung TVs, you will receive a remote control, which you can use for other devices, such as a washing machine. There are also models that do not even require a remote control or recognize the owner because they have built-in cameras.
Intelligent TVs also offer the possibility of personalisation. Each user can freely set the screen, choosing, among other things, the most frequently viewed content. Some models do not even require a remote control or recognize the owner because they have built-in cameras.