Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, but the morning rush is not conducive to preparing complex dishes. Are you looking for a simple idea for a healthy and nutritious breakfast for your child? Smart Team breakfast cereals are the ideal solution.
Breakfast is the basis.
Breakfast provides the energy needed to start the next school day, so it should not be replaced by snacks or sweets. It’s really important that your child has a full meal in the morning before they leave home. Fortunately, preparing a tasty and healthy breakfast is not as time-consuming as it might seem.
Quickly and conveniently
Every parent knows that every minute in the morning is worth the weight of gold. Full-bodied breakfast cereals are ideal for a simple and fast, yet healthy and nutritious, breakfast. Simply pour warm milk, natural yoghurt or a vegetable beverage, such as almond, soya or coconut, over the petals. And the meal is ready! Preparing a breakfast does not have to be a chore.
Healthy and nutritious
A balanced diet has a huge impact on the proper development of young organisms. Do you want your child to eat healthily? Try Smart Team breakfast cereals – without preservatives, artificial sweeteners, food colours or flavour enhancers. Only natural ingredients are used in their manufacture. Thanks to this, they are a source of substances important for the health and development of the child: vitamin C from acerola and vitamins from the group B: thiamine, niacin and folic acid. Two types of whole-grain flour are used for baking flakes: wheat flour and rice flour. With this recipe, Smart Team Breakfast cereals are a fibre-rich product – an important nutrient that regulates the digestive system. When you give them to your child, you are sure that a portion of essential minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron and zinc will also be delivered to your child’s body.
Ending boredom
Smart Team Breakfast cereals are available in four attractive flavours and five interesting shapes. In the offer of the online shop: You can find chocolate balls, chocolate shells, cinnamon stars, crispy cookies and honey wheels. Does your child get tired at breakfast? Different shapes of breakfast cereals will turn your daily meal into fun and you will have a peaceful time drinking coffee in the morning.
Join the team!
Smart Team is a team of clever pets with whom your child can practice memory and broaden his or her knowledge. In each breakfast cereal pack, two Smart Team cards were hidden. You can scan them using the mobile app and your child will have access to Memory games and interesting quizzes. In addition, the cards can be used for classic card games.
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