Our wedding !
Hey !
I waited a long time for this post to be written, but I would like to show you a part of this Beautiful Day in the form of photos and a mini-film 🙂
We waited the longest for the film, but I must admit frankly that it was worth it – it is a wonderful <3 The most beautiful moments, moments covered in 1 hour - anyone who already has this most important day behind them would like to repeat it, with the same people, even with the stresses that are unfortunately inherent in every wedding preparations 🙂 Recently, watching our wedding movie together with our loved ones, we agreed that if we win the lottery, the first thing we do is to organize the day again! With even bigger pump and certainly on one day would not end 🙂 I think that all these memories will stay with us as long as possible, because we know that human memory is too small for as many events as we would like to remember <3 Of course, as usual my fasting cannot end without some anecdote, which happened at our wedding 🙂 What's more, some people laugh that it will stay in our family like a legend 😀 Well, we know, after the wedding, 1 toast and wishes comes this great, very much awaited by everyone moment - lunch! As a wedding photographer I always expect this broth as salvation and here as a Bride could not be otherwise 🙂 We were sitting at a rectangular table - Przemek and his friends and family on my left (from the heart) and right (my guests), my brother-in-law Marcin (witness) was sitting there right next to me. Together with Przemek they are quite similar, tall, slim, dark hair - not much of them even had similar dark blue suits at the wedding. But going on to the most important one, we all wait so much for this broth, Przemek is talking with his sister, I am brother-in-law, until Mrs. Waitress comes with a dash of delicious hot broth and puts her on my right. After putting this broth on, I gently moved away so that she could pour it over Przemek and she retreated and poured it over my brother-in-law (I was a little surprised, but I thought it would probably go to Przemek right away) - unfortunately, my thoughts were wrong, because after pouring the broth over Marcin, the waitress put it down and left the loaf. The first one was a great surprise and then the explosion of laughter - well, the gentlemen were so similar that Mrs. Waitress simply confused the Young man with the Witness 😀 No, for the first few minutes we couldn't eat because we couldn't stop with Martin the foolish one 😀 But as My Mom said, something funny must happen so that then there can be something to remember 😀 It's a bit of it, but I won't write here any longer, just immediately invite you to watch the photos and the video from our Great Day <3 Lucerne kisses <3