One of the biggest challenges for a young woman. So many dresses, so many cuts, patterns, colours, and what she puts on one that seems to her to be the right one, is the flapper. And you don’t know why, in fact, just something is obviously wrong, I don’t know what dresses you should wear.
Because different cuts, and therefore different dresses are sewn on different female silhouettes. And to find the right one, you need to know what is best for your type.
The hourglass, as we know, is one of the most desired silhouettes for women. Quite a large bust, round hips and a beautiful notch in the waist are all things that men will never get bored with. This style was promoted by Marylin Monroe.
Here, a dress fitted at the waist, with a tight top and bottom outlined in line A will be the best choice. The neckline is deep, round or heart-shaped.
Pears are, of course, women with slightly smaller necklines than hourglasses, but with wider hips, so here you can use dresses and a décolletage in the tip. And it’s good that they are tied at the waist to emphasize their gracefulness. Therefore, shirt and envelope dresses are most suitable.
Here we have no clear waist, but this can also be remedied by exposing the narrowest part of the silhouette – in this case the ribs. That is why I propose cut-off dresses under the breast and envelopes in the tip, which will give you lightness.
big breast
For those who have a disproportionately large bust to the rest of their figure, I recommend A-shaped knee cuts and a pointed neckline. Choose a bust size and then narrow it down at the waist at most.
The so-called boyish figure
and slim, it’s for you that most of the clothes are made. You should look good in everything that you think looks good on the hanger, and if you want your mountain to take on more feminine shapes, choose such dresses that have decorations at the height of your hips and bust.