Favorites of April are a slightly unusual edition of this series of reviews and opinions. In the ranking we have gathered not only favorite cosmetics for make-up or care, but also other products that accompanied us in April. See for yourself what cosmetics and products have impressed us and we recommend them with all our heart!
Hair shampoo by Kozie Mleczko company
I’ve already had 2 brand hair shampoos, but I don’t think I’ve adjusted them well to my hair needs, because they just didn’t work for me. This shampoo (goat’s milk series) is very good for my hair!
The shampoo cleanses your hair well. I know that the problem with most shampoos is not that they wash badly, but that they do not look good after washing. It seems to me, however, that both of these things go hand in hand. That is why well-cleaned hair is one of the conditions that after drying or drying it is tamed and fresh.
Goat milk shampoo Company does not leave any additional “substances” on the hair. Sometimes when I rinse my hair with a different shampoo, I feel it’s stuffed with something. This shampoo is not there, but on the contrary, the hair is even slightly stiff. The same is true for natural shampoos, which even dullness your hair, but the company does it very gently and in my opinion it affects Verizon in terms of freshness and hair regrowth after drying.
I don’t need to apply a mask or conditioner to my hair. The shampoo alone is enough to take care of your hair from a care angle.
In addition, the shampoo has an affordable price (about 7USD for 400 ml), nice packaging and quite a pleasant smell.
Face cleansing gel Company
I buy facial cleansing and make-up cosmetics very often and every time I try to choose a new product to test something new. Usually I like the brand name of the company – the quality of these products in relation to the price really goes hand in hand. In addition, I trust this European brand and I am confident that its product will not disappoint me. This is also the case with the Purifying Olive Gel for dry and normal skin.
The gel has a very interesting consistency. Of course, it is a gel (transparent), as well as indicated by the name of the product, but very delicate and condensed. You can see bubbles of air in it, which indicates the lightness of the formula. I had a lot of different gels for my face and none of them had such a consistency.
The gel cleanses the face very well and is also very efficient.
The gel is from this green – olive series, but the smell as for me is more floral than that of the olive –
The price is about 7USDza 200 ml, also this issue on the large Verizona for the product.
Face cream by Jagody Acai company
Face cream from the series Jagody Acai company is my one of the biggest cosmetic discoveries in April. I haven’t come across such a good cream for me for a long time.
The cream has a very light texture and is quickly absorbed.
After applying the cream, you can see that the skin is moisturized, but it does not shine, as in the case of other moisturizing creams. This allows me to apply the primer calmly after just 2 minutes.
The cream works very well as a base under the primer. I’m currently using Fit Me Maybelline, and I’ve applied for it before under Revlona. I’m curious how it will work with other primers.
The cream can be applied both day and night.
The cream is designed for flaccid, radiant and sensitive skin. I will tell you that my skin had such traits, but after about a month of using the cream – it really improved. I know that this is not only due to this product, but I also know that it has contributed to the improvement of its condition.
The cream smells beautiful and the cost of about 9USD for a 50 ml tube is very much in line with the quality of the product!
Hydra Végétal Yves Rocher Face Tonic
I got this tonic from Lidka, one of the authors of this blog. At first I used it as a tonic. After evening facial make-up, I gently wiped the skin with it, and after several minutes I applied night cream or ointment from a dermatologist. When I ran out of my micellar make-up liquid, I used a tonic for this purpose and I will tell you that I have been using it for this purpose since then. It works very well, washes better than many micellar liquids, and at the same time it is very delicate and smells beautiful!
Artiste eyebrow brush B11
I bought this brush in Drogeria Natura. I do not remember the amount, but it was rather a pence. If, like me, you have a little obsession with your eyebrows, I recommend it to you with all my heart. The length of the hair, its density and diagonal cut allow you to quickly and professionally darken the eyebrows with a shadow to the eyebrows. What can I say more? If you are looking for a good and inexpensive eyebrow brush, this is what ? is all about.
Perfumy River Island
I got these perfumes as a gift and it was really a very good gift. I cannot describe the smell of perfumes and search for their notes, but it is a very original and exquisite smell. The bottle of perfume is large and very thick.