Puzzle 10
The king, in a mood of good humour, announced an amnesty and shortened the sentence by half for all the prisoners, but this was where the problem of life imprisonment arose. What would you advise the king?
The question “What would you do” is by nature. One of the best types of questions, allowing you to get to know many features of a candidate at the same time. After the answer given, the recruiter learns what is our personality, what sensitivity, what knowledge, how to use this knowledge and what is our line of reasoning.
Looking for wise and fair hints for the king, we can, for example, advise this: the prisoner will be at liberty for one day, in prison for one…
Riddle 11
Monika’s mother has 5 daughters: Jola, Ela, Zosia, Kosia and… What is the name of the fifth daughter?
A simple question for the sobriety of thinking, but it can be difficult for a distracted candidate. The answer is contained in the task: Monica’s Mother…
Riddle 12
We have two jugs, one 3-litre and one 5-litre. How do I use these two pots to measure exactly 7 litres of water?
The task is not difficult, but it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to manage the content. With a certain amount of data and knowledge, the right solution has to be found. One thing is certain: there are no miracles. There must be a way and probably these two pitchers are the key to that. It is therefore necessary to find such a sequence of activities (mathematical tasks in this case) that the result is the number 7.
That is the solution to the problem:
Fill a 5-litre (0+5=5) jug with water, pour the water into a 3-litre (0+3=3) jug, 2 litres of water remain in a 5-litre (5-3=2) jug, empty a 3-litre (3-3=0) jug, Pour in the water from a 5-litre (0+2=2) jug, refill the 5-litre (0+5=5) jug with water. In one jug you have 2 litres and in the other 5 litres, together you have 7 litres of water.
Well, it’s another, similar task to solve it yourself:
You are on the lake and have only 2 reservoirs at your disposal: one 3-litre reservoir and the other 5-litre reservoir. How do I measure exactly 4 litres of water?
Puzzle 13
One man started producing chairs. It cost him $20 to produce one chair. He sold them for USD 19.5 each. The crowds bought his chairs and after some time he became a millionaire by trading in these chairs. How is this possible? (The production and selling prices remained unchanged)
This is a question that can be demonstrated. We always strive to do this so that by answering a question, as it were, in passing, they can demonstrate their erudition and many skills. I remember as in high school, I asked you from chemistry, if there are many different ways of getting a given compound, which one to choose when answering the matriculation examination. Then she made me aware that the more she had, the better. When the examiner gets bored with my knowledge, it will break my argument. Unfortunately, he was not bored, so I presented him with all the possible ways, in total something around ten. However, it was worth it…
The simplest solution, and at the same time the most classic of our tasks, is to answer the question that this man must have been a billionaire before. By selling below the cost of production, its assets were melting, after all, it could not make money on something that was making a loss. But is it for sure? It is worth going into this case and finding the sense of such an activity. Then we will show our insight, business cunning and ability to find ourselves in a situation that seems hopeless. Where others say that it is impossible, let’s show a sensible solution that will not only not lose the company, but also make money. Will this put us in a good light for a potential employer? Oh, very much!
How, then, can one analyse the situation of this man, assuming that he was not a billionaire before? Can you earn millions by selling something below the cost of production? Not only can this be done, but it happens every day all over the world. Good examples are such Internet giants as Google, Facebook, Youtube… You use their products every day, but how much do you pay for them? Nothing. However, these companies incur high costs. They have to pay for their employees, buy equipment, then service it, pay for servers, security system and so on. So how did millions of people earn their living, when the majority of people use their services for free?
We can follow this example and prepare a similar strategy for our entrepreneur. Although the production process itself is loss-making, this does not necessarily mean that the factory is closed down. In such a case, it is necessary to think first about providing the company with additional sources of income. We assume that the owner does not expand his production activities. It still produces only chairs. So how could he do otherwise? Well, if only the same as the giants mentioned above, who earn mainly on advertising. What is the problem with the chair packaging when it comes to delivering an advertisement to a buyer for a company or product? In the world of advertising, the media is not as important as reaching as many recipients and potential customers as possible. Since