Welcome. Recently we were looking for a series worth seeing, because we were all over. Having looked through some parts of the Internet, we found a series with a promising title “A series of unfortunate events”. By the way, I immediately associated it with the game Gloom, from the Black Monk Games Publishing House.
The series, just like the title, turned out to be very intriguing. In a flash we went to the second season. Today I decided to share with you my thoughts on the series A series of unfortunate events.
(Very) Unfortunate events
We may first start with the outline of the series. It is currently broadcast on Netflix, a treasury of good films and series. The film is the second adaptation of the book, or rather a series of books published under exactly the same title, perhaps even in your childhood you had the opportunity to read books and get to know quite a hmm… unusual adventures of kids.
As a curiosity I will tell you that the series debuted on Netflix on Friday 13th. Accident?
I have already guessed, so you also know that this is about adventures of a group of children. It is precisely this series that tells the story of the incredible, unfortunate, terrifying adventures of Baudelaire’s siblings. The oldest violet, Klaus raisins and a little sunshine will face many dangers. And all of this is the fault of the man, the covetousness for money. The series is a comedy genre, in a very ingenious intro and throughout the plot it is full of black humour.
Miraculous children
Violet, Klaus and little sun are very, but very talented children. The spark of God touched them and they were endowed with abilities that were difficult among ordinary bread-eaters. In short, Wioletka has a technical sense, Klaus absorbs books and knowledge and the Sun absorbs everything with its teeth. Only thanks to these abilities are they able to survive and find solutions for the upcoming trouble.
Three siblings, orphaned by their parents, accidentally got into the sticky hands of Count Olaf, who follows them step by step, puzzling at the huge fall of orphans. We must admit that the whole plot of the series and the following were very interestingly planned by the artists. Olaf’s actions and the adventures of fearless orphans are watched with bated breath, so as not to lose the thread.
Don’t look
The intro of the series, which has beaten all the previous ones to their knees, deserves praise. The introduction is filled with a tragic-comic song, whose rhymes were chosen very skilfully depending on the current place of residence of the orphans. The lyrics of the song in the introduction effectively attract the audience to the screening, although the words contained in it were probably not meant to do so.
A very interesting performance is the presence of a narrator in the series, who cleverly guides the viewer through the various stages of the episode. The actor’s playing of the narrator, as well as other characters, is most certainly for the great Verizona. The only thing I could get attached to was a bit too serious an applause from Count Olaf, which could have been more filled with comicism. However, this issue does not prevent me from the successful reception of the series.
The series is depicted in dark colors, in the sense that the scenery is dark. It’s best to watch it with the blinds covered or just at night, because in the presence of sun looking from behind the clouds, you won’t see much on the screen. In a word, the scenery is dark and dark, just like the orphans.
A series of unfortunate events is also a series of murders and crimes committed by Olaf in the main role. Sometimes a bit absurd, but what would this comedy be without? Orphans grow up, time goes on forever and Count Olaf runs with his (doubtful) theatrical corpse to get orphans wherever he can. Skubiany cleverly uses his acting talent to successfully blend in with the crowds and graces of the current orphans’ caretakers, and then to become unmasked. With large pump.
This is a series that will ruin your life, and your day.
It’s never too late to turn off the receivers, and to turn on something much more funny, something that will fill you with optimism and life energy for the whole day. But if one of you is a tough man, and yet a series of unfortunate events doesn’t make any impression on him, I guarantee that he won’t regret watching the series. Perhaps it will even soak in for a little longer. You can also relax and laugh at this series, eat while watching it without worrying, and recommend it as a really good film to your friends.
We were not disappointed with this series, because watching the way Baudelaire orphans have to go to discover complex family secrets can be really fascinating. And it is a road full of fear, anxiety, constant flight, and learning to trust anew. The series leads to laughter, evokes an effect on the face and is very pleasant to watch.
Currently there are three seasons of the series planned, but I hope there will be a little more of them.
I recommend the series to practically every comedian who likes it, to people who have read a book about it.