I consider it to be a great injustice in history for playgrounds to be built exclusively for children. From a certain age (and height), access to all these swings, monkeys, groves, and ladders is simply physically impossible. The owners of The City Museum in St. Louis thought exactly the same and created the most amazing amusement park in the world, which is accessible mainly to adults.
The City Museum is the reincarnation of an old shoe factory. At the beginning of the 1990s, a group of artists, led by sculptor Bob Casilly, took over the declining complex of buildings, turning it into a surreal world where fun never ends. Since 1997, new forms and installations have been constantly created there – the park is both an amusement park and a kind of art gallery.
On over 55 thousand m2 there is everything adults and children need to play. From large ball pools, airplanes, buses to roof slides, the sink will and large metal structures for climbing. For those who are thirsty and hungry, there are also restaurants and bars in the complex. Recycled materials, including plant residues, were used to create all the plants, so the whole plant also has a delicate ecological and harsh, industrial, rusty climate.
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What’s interesting, your creative work at The City Museum never ends. The artists (without Bob Casilly, who died in 2011) are constantly improving, changing and renovating – in other words: they create the greatest work of their lives. And by the way, it is the most profitable, because the main attraction of St. Louis now brings more than 70,000 dollars of income a year.
The heart grows when you look at such a marriage of business and art, while saving post-industrial spaces, of which we also have a lot. Who knows, maybe one day someone will dare to do a similar experiment here?
Finally, I leave you with an amateur film showing all the attractions of the playground museum in St. Louis.
More information about the museum itself can be found on the official website or Facebook.
And how? Do you like it? Would you like to try this kind of trip? Let us know!
Photo: The City Museum