I return to blogging after my absence and I have to share with you the happy news (the secret of my absence). Time flies so fast that I haven’t noticed when 3 months have passed since I last entered. Why? You will find out more about this in the further part of the alert. Of course, the people who are watching me at the Instagram can already know what is going to be discussed. If you want to be more up to date with me, I encourage you to observe me there.
The secret of my absence
Between the end of October and the beginning of November I got very tired and lacked any desire. I even told my fiancée that I would probably throw away my blog (I had never thought so since the beginning of this blog!). I was coming back from work and lying down to sleep or lying lifeless. Well, sometimes I experienced such autumn solstices or drops in resistance. Support with supplements did not help for a long time and after a few days I had no strength to move even by hand. During this lying I didn’t want to read, and watching TV was beyond my means (sic!). Then it was composed of painful breasts and strange flavours. You know my attitude to meat, so I, avoiding it in all dishes, ate eggs planted on bacon. I did not even like bacon, and in this dish it was fried and fatty meat that tasted the most to me. I thought I was either going through PMS very hard or I wasn’t going to greet it for a long time…
I decided to do a pregnancy test and what turned out to be the case? Together with Michał we expect a child! It happened for the first time in my closest family, so I didn’t know what was going to happen to me at all. So far I don’t have as much energy as I had before, but I’m slowly recovering. Since 6th week I was also tired of terrible nausea and in fact it was them that made my life miserable the most. Fortunately, in the second trimester this symptom almost disappeared.
What about blogging?
What about blogging? I do not intend to throw all this away and I am sure they will not stop writing. It seems to me that I will even start doing it more often in the near future. However, I am afraid that with the changes in my life, the subject will also develop. You can still count on the subject of FIT, but I would like to develop this blog in other directions as well, such as: life (pregnancy topics will appear, it is possible that I will write something about my child from time to time, but additionally, as I will write about myself and my thoughts earlier), books, series, interesting events and travels and other passions that will occupy me. Don’t be afraid, however, I don’t go into a parenting blog, rather I dream of a Lifestyle Fit blog with cultural elements. Of course, never talk.
In the meantime, I wish you a successful day!