Known and appreciated for centuries, the clouds, once worn by both men and women, return to the fashion scene again in great style. It is worth finding a place in the spring-summer wardrobe for sandals and flaps on the curtain, which are loved for combining great style with comfort. Learn about the latest trends and how to wear your shoes on the curtain to look trendy.
Curtain boots – a convenient alternative to pegs
Contrary to popular opinion, shoes on the anchor are not uncomfortable. Although they add centimetres and the anchor is often connected to the platform, so that the shoes are even taller, in fact you can feel comfortable in them. How is this possible?
First of all, the anchors are more stable than the heels in the form of thin pins. The lifting in the form of a claw is located under the whole foot, and this makes wearing such shoes comfortable, a step more secure and freer.
Shoes on the curtain vary in height. In the lowest ones, the height of the curtain is almost imperceptible, and yet, the leg is effectively raised and visually slender. This is another argument in favour of anchor bolts, which are an excellent alternative to pins. They add a few desired centimetres to the woman’s body and visually slim down the whole figure, while being comfortable.
The comfort of wearing the shoes on the clouds also means greater safety. The risk of stumbling and twisting in the ankle is much lower than when walking on equally tall but very unstable pins.
Summer clouds – the hottest trends
Sandals and flip-flops on the catwalk are a real hit in spring and summer. Many of the most fashionable designs, but also timeless models, can be found on: -i-sandals/. There are exquisitely high boots and a few centimetres long clouds, sandals with a covered but also open heel, with peep toe noses, ended with a single strap right next to the toes and firmly built in. Such diverse cuts complement the rich design.
In the summer, sandals on curtains are very fashionable, styled as espadrilles, with a heel of braided string, wood or cork. Both the upper, e.g. in the form of thin strips, and the anchor can be coloured. The combination of intense colours is always great for spring-summer styling. Also fashionable are shoes decorated with floral print and animal motifs, as well as metallic mirror shoes. There is also plenty of well-developed sandals and flip-flops – such uppers perfectly correspond to the massive heel in the form of a cloudy. In summer it is also good to bet on maritime patterns. It’s a timeless design that fits every woman. Shoes in navy blue and white stripes, with braided sole and sewn in canvas fabric, are perfect for many years of styling. Fashionable shoes on the curtain also include sandals of a sporty character. Low and Velcro-fastened, they work every day, providing maximum comfort.
When choosing a shoe on a curtain, it is also worth paying attention to different ways of profiling the heel. Clouds that are narrowed seem lighter and make your legs even slimmer optically. They have a similar effect to classic pins. More massive curtains, on the other hand, look best on the legs of women with a slightly fuller figure, because they allow to visually maintain a proper balance between the female figure and the shoes.
Shoe styling on a curtain
For the sake of comfort, many women wear their shoes on a curtain every day. In spring and summer, sandals with open fingers and flaps are particularly suitable. In line with world trends, more solid curtains can be combined with lighter styles, but they can also be worn for more formal outfits, such as work.
The perfect set for every day will be a floaty midi skirt with a high condition, plus a simple t-shirt and flaps on the curtain. To emphasize the informal character of the outfit, it is worth putting on shoes decorated with floral print or in the form of espadrilles.
The flaps and sandals on the curtain perfectly combine with the classic jeans. Long, tight trousers in combination with slim, tall anchors optically slimmen the whole body and lengthen legs. They also add a touch of character to the whole style, highlighting the feminine figure.
On hot summer days, you can also put sandals and flip-flops on the short cut curtains. This combination will add more sex appeal to every woman, highlighting her legs.
If you want to put the sandals on your work basin, you can combine them with casual cigarillos or chino pants. They will also fit with the classic pencil skirt. For formal, elegant styles, it is best to choose between curtains with a classic design – without too many decorations, with a more robustly built upper and a timeless colour, e.g. black or pastel. For a glamorous look, you can opt for glossy sandals on the curtain, which are in line with the metallic mirror trend.
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