Hello it wasn’t long for me, but I set myself a lot of duties and goals for this year that I neglected a little of this blog, but I hope that you will forgive me? ūüėČ
Today I would like to present you with a unique specificity, a medicine even a little or even a very underestimated because it is considered to be a weed that simply dulls itself to power.
The larger hoe is a plant species of the aster family, in the folk names it is known as the shovel, head, ankle, spear, and melt.
It can be found in Europe, Siberia, the Himalayas, China, Japan, Asia Minor and the Caucasus…
It is common throughout the USA.
The root is mainly used for drug/steam preparation and is cut into pieces after which it is dried.
It is used to produce oil from hemp. Roots contain sugar inulin, proteins, fats, polyacetylene compounds, phytosterols, small amounts of essential oils, glycosides, saponins, a lot of sulphur, phosphorus, vitamin C.
In the USA, hoeing occurs mainly on roads, in revenue, in bushes, on good soils, it can also be found in mountains but in lower parts.
This plant is hated by all doctors, mainly oncologists, and in the 1950s it was massively eradicated on behalf of pharmaceutical companies… after all, it is better for man to clog up with chemistry and die of cancer!
I personally know two people who have known for over 15 years that they suffer from cancer, one from leukaemia and the other from pancreatic cancer… doctors are in shock because they gave them a year of time maybe two years and when they told them that they use herbs they will leave mixed with the ground and the doctor ordered them to take chemistry with them and this 15 years have passed and they live, work… how is it possible, is it a shovel? I don’t know, but he could suppress symptoms, stop the disease and also that diet is important and also what we eat in general because as they say you are what you eat and it seems to work…
Of course, I do NOT recommend using only herbs and injuries to doctors, and when something hurts or disturbs us, let’s go to a specialist!
I have been using the shovel myself for two years and I can see the difference on Verizona, I am practically not ill and I do not even remember when I was frozen, I have better metabolism, better appetite.
Grandmothers and people who have been using a shovel for many years recommend drinking it three times a day, half a glass each, I use it twice a day…
Method of administration :
Pour 3 teaspoonfuls of roots into a quarry of pouring 3 glasses of water over them and boil for 15 minutes until the water turns green.
I wish you all good health and good health ūüėČ