You have a problem with inventing what to do for your dad? Are you looking for an idea for a gift for Father’s Day? I have as many as 10 ideas for a gift for my dad that a child can make – alone or with your help.
See what proposals I have made!
Gift for dad – buy or do?
A gift for a man is always more problematic than a gift for a woman, so sometimes it’s hard to come up with something cool for Father’s Day. Maybe that’s why some mothers buy gifts on behalf of their children. In my opinion, this is not the way to do things to children.
That is why, in order to encourage you and your children to make a gift for your dad, I have prepared a list of 10 ideas for a gift for Father’s Day.
Let them inspire you!
10 gift ideas for Father’s Day
Mug with an inscription
Fine cups are never too many, so a cup with an inscription is also a good idea for a gift for your dad. From such a cup decorated by a child, a coffee will taste better than an ordinary one for dad’s sake.
In cooperation with his mother, this project can be carried out by even a two-year-old.
2. dad’s portrait
Dad’s portrait is a very nice idea. Probably every dad will be happy to see him as a child. I know a way that such a portrait could not only hang on the wall, but also be an ornament of a cup. A cup with a portrait of a dad drawn by a child will be a unique souvenir and will probably surprise the recipient.
Picture with heart
Dad’s heart seems to be obvious. Playing painting with the youngest children and helping us cut out the passe-partout = artistic confession of love of a young artist.
Container for pens
A can container in which dad can hold pens and pencils is an option for older children.
Materials required:
double-sided adhesive tape
Cut the white felt to a slightly higher height than the can. I cover the box with double-sided tape – at the upper and lower edges and in a few places in the middle. I stick white felt on it. I also glue a tape to the inside of the felt tip.
I cut a piece of felt protruding over the can in two distant places. I cut the section between these vertical cuts again, but I do it horizontally, along the edge of the box. I do it a little from the side of one vertical notch and a little from the side of the other. I apply double-sided tape to the ends of the rectangle. I fold them up and glue them to the box.
Then I stick on the buttons. I make the mustard out of a piece of felt. In the middle I tied him up with a thread. The last decorative element is the vertical stripes.
5. a T-shirt with an important denomination
T-shirt with an inscription made with stamps and pens for fabrics. Every dad will be happy with such an inscription, because it’s probably nice to be the best dad in the world? Dad may not be going shopping there, but he may spend the evenings there in the company of the householders and, above all, in the company of its creator.
6. decorated hammer
An idea for a gift for a dad who likes to do-it-yourself. You need a hammer, washi tapes or insulation tapes and scissors. Writers of consolations may be tempted to write a markerm made permanent.
(7) Men’s binder
My next proposal for older children is a binder made of cardboard. I did this job a few years ago with my daughter. We used a tablet carton for the dishwasher. The carton can be coated with paper and glue, peeled off with pieces of coloured paper or with self-adhesive paper. The masculine character is given by the moustache decoration.
8 Dad’s Laurel
This card made a big impression on us and was a great surprise for my dad! Unfortunately, I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial, because so many years ago even blogging didn’t go through my mind. Fortunately, it is not difficult to make this card – I will try to explain it to you now.
I bent the grey A4 card (pearl card) in half. I cut out the rectangles from the sheets of paper size A5: black is slightly smaller than size A5, and white is slightly smaller than black. My son painted himself and my dad on a white sheet of paper.
I rounded off the corners with a punch. I glued the rectangles in such a way that they looked like a screen. I cut out the squares and the rectangle, and Cuba glued them to the bottom of the page. They pretend to be keyboards on which my son has written white chalk: I love you dad.
I think it will be easy for slightly older children to make this card on their own, while younger children, like my 4-year-old at the time, will need help.
9 Men’s key ring
Dad will be proud to carry such a key fob! This handmade gift gives you a super effect with minimal material, work and time.
To make such a pendant you need decorative foam. I cut a rectangle out of it, which I cut from both sides – a little below the top edge. I lubricate the cut edges with glue and glue them in such a way that they touch each other with corners. Then I cut and glue the tie together.
At the top of the shirt, I attach the wheel to the keys – simply push them more firmly into the foam.
Here, the only thing you may need to do to help your parent is glue together.