I sit and write quickly, because today another question was asked about the same thing: can I know what’s on the floor?
I have to, I have to, write it because each time it is impossible and simply difficult to answer in a comment (write the same thing a thousand times a year? Hmm?).
The story was this: we bought our tiles for the whole house one day. Yes, one day.
The interior design was finished and approved. So we went to a big shop, where we were treated viper (probably all those doing big shopping are treated like that), planted in a nice room, served coffee. It started to be elected, earlier there was a round by round shop to confirm what was on the eye, or finally to verify it.
During this one day, we chose wall finishing material, tile for the utility room, tile for the floor, tile for the lower and upper bathrooms and tile for the kitchen. All of this is done on a single day. The colors were full, most of them were marked with symbols, these symbols were combinations of numbers, numbers or enigmatic names.
Believe it, we didn’t write it down – someone did it for us. The courteous gentleman showed the samples, I took the suitable ones under my arm and I stood next to everything else, then we verified it in daylight.
At the end we showed: I’ll take so many of them and that’s all, we’ll take so many of them.
This is the story behind my laconic answer: I don’t know what it’s like to make tiles. I really do not know.
However, this is also how I propose to choose: by matching many different elements, so that the whole creates a colouristic consistency. The fact that something looks good in one house does not mean that it will look good in another.
The close-up tiles in the pictures can be found in this entry.