If you follow me on private channels in social media, you know that I’ve been a happy owner of Kindle for a few days now. And like every newly baked owner, I’m passionately looking for places where I can find free ebooks on Kindle – as well as just very cheap. 😉 Hence today’s entry.
I would like to warn you loyally in advance that this is not a list of my recommendations, but rather a collection of online research on eBooks on Kindle. I simply said that writing a text would help me to do a really good job of understanding this. For yourself. Otherwise I would probably have done 100 years.
NOTE: The text was updated in October 2017 with new free downloadable e-books.
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The list is not complete, of course. If you know the places where (legally!) you can get free ebooks on Kindle or if you often organize promotions for electronic books, you should traditionally share in your comments. I will add to the list. 🙂
If you don’t have Kindle and you like to read free ebooks, check out this list of free smartphone ebook apps!
Free ebooks on Kindle
The easiest way to take free ebooks is simply… With Amazon. Yes, the manufacturer of the reader has on his website quite a collection of the same, though not very clear or sorted. That is why it is recommended to use external search engines, such as eReaderIQ or Freebook Sifter, when searching the giant database.
And if you like to get something new every day, then subscribe to the free Kindle Books page, where you will find new free book offers every day, as well as some promotions.
If you want a bit of classics, it’s essential to use Free Readings. The project, supported by the Ministry of National Education, provides free access to the most important works of European and world literature. To the high school as he found it. 😉 No, seriously. Read good books, because they are worth it. This is all the more true as the library is constantly being expanded.
It is said that the Free Readings range is similar to the Free Readings range. Thanks to Bartek for zinc! 😉
3. e-book shops [USA/EN]
Yes, yes, you didn’t foresee it. If you are looking for free books in electronic versions, it is also worth burying them on the shop websites. After typing the words “free ebooks” or “free ebooks” into my browser, I found first of all large web shops, such as Nexto, Woblink or Virtualo. Not surprisingly, they tempt potential customers to get more out of their free ebook after downloading it. Unfortunately, usually low-value positions are free of charge, because you have to pay for them. 😉
If you would like to try something similar to Free Reading, but also in other languages, the Gutenberg Project is a good solution. Thanks to it you can read mainly works to which the copyrights have expired, i.e. classic works. And classicism is worth knowing. 😉 Thanks to Marta for info! 😉
If you like Polish fantasy and you want to read it for free and legally on Kindle, I recommend the USA Fantasy portal from Robert J. Szmidt. You will find there, as the name suggests, a pile of good fantasy. Registration is required, but it’s a commitment free relationship – no spam. 😉 Thank you very much for the info!
Free ebooks from authors who have published books in the form of self-publishing, so on their own. There are texts that you will not find anywhere else, and you can also try your hand at publishing them yourself!
You will surely associate it with other cultural goods, including books, in the Google app store. But not everyone associates that there is a quite decent section where you will find free downloadable ebooks directly on your smartphone.
If you are not afraid to read English, you can use this page successfully. You’ll find as many as 33,000 free (or heavily discounted) eBooks – from fiction to business books.
At the end of the book there were industry books, or more precisely software books. On the Pactpub website, you will find one new book every day on this subject for free download.
Cheap Kindle ebooks
Apart from free ebooks, I am also interested in books that are simply cheap or in attractive packages. Fortunately, there are more and more initiatives on the Internet that allow you to read your favourite releases without rinsing off completely. I have wrung out some of them for you.
I have the impression that now all electronic entertainment has their “bundles”. (this is probably a material for a separate entry ;)), they also have books, of course. I exchange the old Bundle in the first place, because it is from it that I have a whole big package of books about video games. The old Bundle is distinguished by its subject matter – most often it is not a simple reading, but analytical items or items revolving around a certain topic. Since games are often the main topic, I’m sure I’ll use them very often.
And since we’re talking about bundles, it’s not much.