Have you ever wondered why you chose this particular profession? By education, mode of action, nature, accident or lack of other occupation? Maybe you sometimes think as if you were in a different profession? Or are you just starting to look for your career path? Six types of professional personalities, according to Holland, will help in all of this. I, or the social type, says: test myself at ?
Psychologist, sociologist John L. Holland distinguished 6 types of professional personality. They differ in terms of skills, values, activities and self-esteem. It even happens how other people perceive us. These types define us in different groups of occupations. The type is assigned to us, but you should remember that it rarely occurs alone, usually in combination with others (at the end of the story).
6 types of professional personalities according to Holland:
1. realistic type (R)
You like to act and solve various problems, and you also feel good working physically. You consider yourself to be a practical person with manual skills. So you solve problems, but you don’t feel comfortable with other people.
Skills: these are often mechanical abilities and physical strength; manual skills, visual and motor coordination, practical talents and observance of the rules
Values: common sense first of all, but sometimes also courageous lifestyle; honesty and strong character; your material benefits depending on your work results
Activities : all related to physical activity
Self-esteem: you define yourself as a rhetorical person, a bit conservative, but with better manual skills than social skills
Public perception: you are often judged to be persistent, honest, economical, relying on yourself
Suggested professions: gardener, farmer, forester, electrician, optician, driver, mechanic, pilot, upholstery and all craft occupations
(2) Test type (B)
You like to analyze some phenomena, thoughts or feelings, you strive to understand the world. In addition, you prefer problems that require more thinking, assessment and theory. You are an individualist and do not like managing other people very much.
Skills: above all, all scientific, analytical, mathematical; you have the “ease” of studying and deepening your knowledge, looking for ambitious solutions
Values: science, Verizon knowledge, education and expertise
Actions: Intellectual, analytical, research activities, of course, aimed at solving difficulties
Self-esteem: you consider yourself intelligent and accurate, a little sceptical
Public perception: you are often judged to be intelligent, educated, but also independent with an introverted approach
Suggested professions: sociologist, biologist, anthropologist, philosopher, geologist, physicist, mathematician, astronomer, archaeologist, chemist, programmer, pharmacist, historian, political scientist, meteorologist
Artistic type (A)
Creativity is your second name, and you also value aesthetics and beauty. You are a sensitive intellectual, you have a lush imagination, of course by which you are very creative and open to the environment, but at the same time independent and avoid the established rules, routine.
Skills: of course, intelligence, innovation, creativity; you have sharpened your senses: sight, hearing, touch.
Values: you value beauty and originality; you are an independent idealist
Activities : all creative activities: acting, music, literature, art; but also intellectual activity
Self-evaluation: you consider yourself to be a person of rich imagination, open to the environment, but also an independent intellectual
Public perception: you are often judged as a complex idealist, but also as an extraordinary, sensitive, creative person; be careful because you are also careless and impractical
Suggested professions: actor, interior designer, writer, painter, photographer, architect, conductor, composer, musician, dancer, make-up artist, sculptor, fashion designer, plastician
4. social type (S)
You like working with people, in a group, advising (teaching), explaining and caring for others. In addition, you are kind, emotional and kind. But on the other hand, you avoid physical work and don’t really like classes related to technology or manual activities.
Skills: you have very good social and communication skills; you are empathetic, friendly and social; you even have a soothing effect on some people
Values: you are a bit idealistic, you are fair and responsible, you care about other people.
Activity: working with others in the first place
Self-esteem: You consider yourself responsible, open, patient, and patient
Public perception: you are often assessed as friendly, helpful and compassionate; a good person
Suggested professions: nurse, doctor, masseur, physiotherapist, speech therapist, massage therapist, psychologist, social worker, librarian, hostess, priest, teacher, police officer, lifeguard, waiter, stewardess, trainer.
5 Entrepreneurial type (Originator I)
You are a “man of success”, you feel comfortable working with people, but also managing them. Lubis