Opinea Panel 1 is a service that will enable us to participate in surveys on new products or services, websites, TV programmes, magazines, advertisements. In my opinion it’s worth to register because it pays out (withdrawal) and I haven’t noticed any serious defects of the service although I have a slight reservation to the registration method, Why? Please note that if you register for a service with paid surveys and use the same login/password, there will be a small problem here… I have noticed a conflict of passwords / service logins, sometimes it happens that if we log in with the same login / password on the page Opinea Panel it is… we log in to 🙂 so I recommend to use different login and password in both services.
(home page of service)
On the homepage you will find the button “Register”, click and follow the steps:
Step 1: We accept 5 pre-conditions.
Step 2: Fill in the personal questionnaire (enter real data) and click “Register”.
After correct registration and confirmation of the e-mail address, we log in to our account.
(our account)
Simple menu appearance without any bytes, we have here links to “My profile” that is information about us (personal survey) and the link “My account balance”. In the link “My account balance” we will check the balance and the number of completed surveys and points earned/money for each of them.
“(“My Account Balance”)
The incentive to register is that we will get money for each survey, even for unfilled/unskilled (0.10 Euro). I would like to invite you to register