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Fountain Foam Nozzle SSP 22-5K
Nozzles with foam effect, regardless of water level
– contrasting, invigorating water image
– Foamed, closed water jet
– enriches the water with oxygen
– extremely resistant to gusts and wind
OASE foaming and foaming nozzles work unlike Cascade nozzles.
and The geyser, irrespective of the level of the water surface, therefore its possible fluctuation does not have
any effect on the water image.
Nozzles of this type have a wide range of applications in the case of stream supply, in facilities with cascade reservoir and fountain facilities with water reservoir located below, because in such cases it is not necessary to use non-return valves, characterized by a relatively high failure rate.
As a result of the large air volume and relatively low water demand, an impressive effect is achieved. The resulting foamed jet gives the impression of a mild softness that contrasts perfectly with the surroundings.