Hi, today I have prepared for you unboxing novelties from Rebel publishing house. Namely, the card game Origami.
Origami is a very fast card game with simple rules that are easy to explain to beginners. The game is intended for children from eight years of age, for two to four players and the game time is very friendly, because it is from 15 to 30 minutes. Origami can be successfully treated as a filler between heavier positions.
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That’s how the Origami pack looks. This is a small box, so you can easily take the game with you even on holiday. The box is maintained in subdued colours, friendly to the eyes. The quality of workmanship is very good, the box is made of good quality cardboard.
Going further we have an instruction. It is in the form of a fold-out sheet of paper, and in the middle – instructional drawings and instructions for folding the butterfly using the origami method.
In the middle of the box there was also a yellow card of small size, from which you could make a marker of the first player. I made a small parolet because that’s the only thing I can be proud of when it comes to the art of folding paper. I hope that my ship will gain recognition at ?
As befits a card game in the middle of Origami you will also find cards. Exactly two card decks. The cards show a variety of animals, from monkeys to pigs and spiders. The cards have a smooth texture and are correct.
The rest of the animals, the cards have delicate graphics, not glaring in eyes.