#1 Kitchen Revolutions
Why only grandmother can make such a good broth, donuts and potato pancakes? I have no idea, but I know that the time spent together pushing in the kitchen was one of the most pleasant in my life. Grandmothers will teach you tricks that you won’t find on the Internet. In her secret notebook, there are secrets that have been passed down for generations. Even if you don’t have a dribble to cook or bake, think about it as about discovering new flavors. And combine your lessons with modern technology!
Choose together the farthest recipes found on the web, surprise your grandmothers with ideas for cake decorations, which will surely appeal to her, learn together how to make a rainbow topping or a cake in a mug, and then surprise the whole family with your works. So let these sneezing lessons be the main and cyclically repeated part of the gift, and its symbolic form will be such details as a set of baking accessories, silicone cake moulds, helping to keep silicone boards tidy, or beautiful (and not at all so expensive) cake trays. And if your grandparents have their own garden, they will certainly also enjoy the decorative preservative jars as shown in the picture above.
#2 Board games
The nicest way to spend time together is through developing and enjoyable board games (combined with tasting cookies from the first point!). When choosing the best game for grandma and grandfather it is worth to reject your own preferences and focus on what may be of interest to the seniors. Since they are probably a bit worse off than you in dealing with all kinds of manual activities, you should give up all kinds of games of skill. “Dobble”, “Jungle Speed” or “USA Luxtorpeda” may be cool, but I think you don’t want to make your grandparents feel embarrassed and frustrated? Equally, there is no point in catching up with their complex strategies or adventure games that require a great deal of attention and long assimilation of rules. Below we present the best proposals for seniors.
Family games from Granny
When choosing a game, usually no attention is paid to the manufacturer, but the games offered by him have often one common denominator. In the case of Granny, these are simple, pleasant and inexpensive family games. Testing the portfolio of this publisher we got caught in the idea that we hadn’t yet found a game that wouldn’t have caught the whole family’s table. You certainly know your loved ones very well and it will be easier for you to choose a position according to their preferences. Grandfather likes to read crime stories? We propose Sherlock – a deduction game in which a criminal should be selected by asking questions to other players. Grandmother likes to make puzzles? She will have a great time with the Sugar Confectioners. Seniors love logical games, so you can also present them with such titles as Winnica or Słówka in the dark.
By the way, by January 21st you can buy all the games in the Granny store 20% cheaper using the discount password: “LOVERS”. Do not miss this opportunity.
Social games to help you get to know each other better
We also advise you to consider verbal or social games – any kind of puns such as “Time’s Up” or “Party alias”. Recently, a game dedicated to playing with grandparents has been released – “How was it then?” – which is largely about telling stories from the past. We also very much like to play with our family in “If you were? All these titles have very simple rules and bring a lot of joy combined with a hint of nostalgia.
Simple strategic games that steal your heart
If your grandparents are open to a bit more advanced games, we strongly recommend two hits, which we haven’t heard about yet, so that someone doesn’t like them. “Carcassonne” is a tiled puzzle in which you have to adjust the pieces of terrain to each other and book them to get the highest possible multiplier of points. The mechanics is simple, but beginners may have difficulty understanding the scoring system. It is also a good idea to start with a stand and only then extend it with accessories. Recently, an affordable collection of “Carcassonne Big Box” has been released, in which you will find a set of basic versions of the game and its extensions. Slightly more complicated for the first game is “Getting on the train”. This is a strategy in which we select cards with coloured wagons to hand, in order to be able to arrange individual parts of the route and collect points for the completed ticket. For me personally the title was very sentimental, because it was the last board game I played with my beloved grandmother.
Best sellers you won’t break away from
Also worth looking at are rankings of games in board shops – often the highest places are occupied by hits, which can be played literally with everyone. We believe that a great proposal for grandparents will be the “Timeline” series, in which each player successively arranges objects and events on the timeline, the “Splendor”, in which noble kits are collected.