Whether or not your shop appears in Google’s search results can determine the success of your offer with your customers. The existence of such a website is not easy, especially when we care about the traffic on our domain, because it is mainly it that generates sales. The assortment, which cannot be found on the web, is not worth attention, and certainly suggests that it may not exist in online sales. The size of the activity is not insignificant either. Small shops need marketing support in the Network much more than a big tycoon in a given industry. However, it is enough to get into the hands of SEO specialists and often, with only a few minor corrections, land in the top ten of the links in the search engine.
Links which, when clicked, redirect you to a specific web address are a very important part of the work of positioning professionals. In this case quantity is very important, although also the quality of the links is not indifferent. Mass production and placing them on websites not related to the subject of the Internet shop will certainly not bring the intended effects. The same is true of the use of machines that spread links over the Internet in huge quantities. Moreover, if a Google robot detects this practice, it will punish the customer by throwing the customer’s business away from the search engine’s remote sites.
We often fear negative customer feedback because, as we know, it may influence the decisions of other interested parties. This principle does not interfere with positioning, because here the more places where you talk about our online shop, the higher the place in the search engine ranking. Registration of your company on a specially prepared website will additionally enable us to collect ratings for our work in connection with the implementation of orders and will be a good and strong source of links for the Google robot.
A once created website, which has not been changed for a long time, is not a good sign in terms of positioning. Google is constantly changing something in its search engine and it can happen that we will disappear from the top results only because of our negligence. So let’s focus on the desire to update and develop our domain and online shop, instead of standing still and stagnating in image, and it can be done by ordering new content and updating the most popular phrases on the site.
Social media
An inexhaustible source of good links. A great way to showcase the offer of your virtual store on the Internet and an indispensable element in the Internet marketing of the 21st century. The power of Facebook is well known. Nor will it be forgotten by search engine algorithms, which will consider us interesting as a domain and will suggest to potential customers when searching for a specific type of assortment, so that we can compete on an equal footing with other offers in a given industry.
Pay attention to your words!
Both the titles and the contents on the subpages, in the product descriptions and in the categories should be unique and carefully written, taking into account the most popular phrases in the industry. The natural weave of keywords, or even the name of the city (to improve local coverage, which is important for some online shoppers due to the possibility of personal reception) is able to bring many benefits. The experts recommend approx. 3 different phrases (preferably in denominator) per subpage (product category or description), which we intend to promote in particular.