“Rest assured” is the first Polish application implemented in the convention of a live teletournament, in which you can win real money. Only 12 questions divide you from winning every day. The rules are very transparent and fair. Registration does not cost anything, nor does participation in a game. Simply download the application to Android and open an account confirming it with your phone number. At 20.00 you should turn on the application and then the whole game starts. The teacher asks the question and you only need to indicate the correct answer from the three proposed ones. You have about 8 seconds to make a decision. If you answer correctly – super, you go further. If not, you will fall off and be able to watch more on the TV or you will return to the game using the so-called extra opportunity.
And this is where you probably thought like me – it’s where the micro-payment option lies. But not. It is not possible to spend money in the game. You get an extra opportunity for recommending a user or taking part in social challenges on the application fanpage.
And how is it with those winners? So far, according to Google Play statistics, about 100 people have downloaded the application, so the creators do not use the money. Every day you can win $100, but if no one manages to go through 12 questions, then the win passes to the next day and you accumulate. It is also worth noting that the prize is always shared among all the winners. This means that if 10 people pass the final round, each of them will receive 1/10 of the stake.
I was quite sceptical about this idea, but Sylwia told me about HQ Trivia – the original one, which was modelled on by Polish artists. This pharmacy has been downloaded by over a million people and about 400 thousand users play it every day. Seriously, we even tried it ourselves. The problem is that the questions in Trivia’s HQ often concern local actors, events, places and customs, so people living outside the USA have little chance of answering them correctly.
We have been playing “resting with Sylwia” for a few days now and we like the level we are dealing with here very much. There are questions from science, American language, geography, sport, just general knowledge, but very detailed. Many times we have managed to get to the most difficult questions from the level 10-12, but there have also been some problems with the theoretically easiest riddle (btw. you know what the word “kajzerka” comes from, we didn’t know ;-)). Our parents won 75USD each for the first time. The day before yesterday I was also lucky and won a similar amount. That’s why I can recommend this quiz to you. There is a pile of fun, useful information and adrenaline, as if we were playing for at least a million dollars :-). In formal matters – the prize is transferred to PayPal account. We checked everything – it works as it should, the money usually arrives on the second day.
Check it out for yourself – it does not cost anything. And the more players you have, the more rewards you’ll get, as with HQ Trivia. So far the game is played by about 40 people a day, so the chances of winning are very high, and a few tens of dollars is not enough for a few minutes of fun.
PS. I play under nickname djcleric and Sylwia is of course a damagier, so if you want to give us an extra chance, enter this name in the command field in the settings of the pharmacy 🙂 Thank you in advance! We intend to use the cash register for further development of the service!