Even the best LCD monitors do not protect 100% of our eyes from fatigue and the effects of long working hours. If your eyesight is damaged, you will need the right glasses to work with your computer. How can you choose them? How will our eyes work when working with a computer without glasses? When we get tired of our eyes we change our positions, move our neck and head. It is the eyes that make us move. To see better, to feel more comfortable. During our daily work we should pay attention to the appropriate working position, room lighting, monitor setting. The most common symptoms of eye fatigue are:
– Bad vision
– progressive changes of refraction
– Eye dryness
– double vision
– color changes, disturbances.
Adequate hydration is very important to avoid problems with vision and glasses. The eye has its own moisturizing material in the form of tears. These are distributed through the eyelids on the surface of the eye as a result of a signal from the brain. Moving the pattern from the screen to the keyboard reads as a blink. This is a pseudo blink effect and there is still no proper blink. During long work at the computer the eyes will be exposed to strong drying. All because of the rare blinking. This leads to excessive drying of the eyeball and the formation of the Eye Dry Syndrome.
Adequate humidification of the air will also be very important. Adequate humidity levels in the air are maintained by using humidifiers. You can also use preparations that imitate natural tears.
People who use lenses instead of glasses are much more likely to have dry eyes than a healthy person. Therefore, it is important that the optician chooses lenses that have good properties and are tailored to our needs. The best solution is to use contact lenses and spectacles for replacement. In practice, you should act in such a way that if you have glasses at home, you can have lenses at work.
You cannot buy lenses by yourself. Their choice must be made by a good specialist. In addition to the lens, you must choose the right material and mode of manufacture and use. It is best if the lens is made of good materials, using the latest techniques. Over time, the production technology has changed and the lenses manufactured nowadays cause less discomfort during use and better fulfil their purpose.
Selection of glasses to work with a computer.
If you choose glasses to work with a computer, it is good that the glasses have the appropriate correction and also an anti-reflection layer, which will eliminate the effects of light reflections that arise on the surface of the screen. In addition to the anti-reflection layer, it is also worth having a good electrostatic coating when working on a computer.
Working with glasses at different distances, the choice of lenses.
It will also be very important to focus on working closely and from a distance when choosing lenses for glasses. The distance from which we can see a given object will depend on the age and condition of the eye. The development of the defect must be examined and in this way it will be possible to react to changes.