Clickworker is a service where we earn money on:
filling in questionnaires,
filling in forms with company data from the website (address, telephone, etc.)
actions in front of a webcam (e.g. drinking a glass of water)
(link to service)
The requirements for participation in the service are reading / writing in English/German and this is the requirement No.1 – without it I would advise against registration.
(home page of service)
The service is 100% solvent, withdrawals send to PayPal the withdrawal threshold of 5 Euros and on the account are in a few days (at my place 2-3 days).
They also have a referral system where we earn 5 Euros for a referral when he or she earns the first 10 Euros.
(short navigation after logging in to your account)
IN THE ‘JOBS (1) We have available tasks, surveys, data entry, text translation, activities in front of the webcam and many others (it is worth logging in from time to time and checking the available tasks).
IN THE ASSESSMENTS (2) This is where our profile ratings are located, the greater the %, the more sought-after we are as employees.
UNDER “PROFILE (3) means Our profile – we fill in the data.
UNDER ‘ACCOUNT (4) Here you can find information about your account, withdrawals, account history, pdf transfers, permissions.
I also publish a proof of payment from December 2017:
If you have language skills and can perform simple Internet activities, I encourage you to register 🙂