Interior stairs are one of the biggest expenses during the construction of a house.
My stairs are on the right before they are dismantled and on the left before they are renovated.
My first idea for the stairs was to use forged, openwork, cast iron or steel stairs. About such:
cut steel, unfortunately the forge is no longer engaged in production of such stairs
staircase from the ebay user’s offer
an overview photo from the webpage
How glad I was that you can buy used stairs! Yes, oak, stylish, modern…there are really a lot to offer. I had a few eyes on the prices of 2500 – 5000 USD… and that’s really good, usually oak.
the stairs looked like an oak at first glance, but they turned out to be pine… I finally bought them for $800.
Once they had been installed, I was able to take action:
With a pine wood putty, I sealed all holes, crevices and crevices.
After drying, I sanded the putty with abrasive paper.
There were still some unevenness and holes, and the seam gaps between the steps and the steps did not look good, so I smoothed out all the irregularities and gaps with acrylic:
I realize that if a carpenter sees it, he probably calls for vengeance about what to do there! Works? Works!
Sanded stairs, leveled unevenness, glued holes, etc., ready for painting:
I used acrylic paint for wood, matt, strongly covered in ivory color. I applied the first layer with a brush, the next with a roller.
This was how the painted balustrade looked:
I painted the steps with a stain in the colour of an ostrich (such grey-brown coloured).
8. the steps were already a bit down (read: slipped) so I glued squared timber to the edges, which I painted white:
9) I haven’t covered everything with parquet lacquer yet and I have a plan to do it, so as soon as I do, I will blizzard the photos. At the moment, the stairs are looking like this:
To sum up, the stairs cost money:
staircase with a balustrade of USD 800 (price after negotiations;)
dismantling and transport USD 400
grinding $200
installation 200 USD
stain 2x 50USD100 USD
white paint USD 50
Parquet lacquer 200 USD
1950 USD
It is definitely a good idea to take this into account when considering the choice of building a one-storey or one-storey house. I try to write down what ideas I had for stairs before I bought the goods… On the market of this type of curves can already be found for about 6000 USD. However, I was interested in the treatment wide stairs. I contacted many producers, forges … prices of cuttings ranged from 8000 to 15 000 USD …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. On the other hand, forged…łohohohohoho… The husband was not convinced by the metal stairs and did not buy arguments that they would be easy to keep clean (dust and sand would fall through lace holes in steps under the stairs) And this was basically right after the interesting appearance, my argument in favour of this type of stairs 😉 I also collected offers of wooden stairs. And so: pine, openwork, i.e. the one with no steps, with some simple railing, started from 5000 USD. Such were not the options and it’s not about the material, because I don’t mind pine, even on the steps (I had pine treads painted heavily in the previous house and perfectly tolerated the gallop of a 4-person family and a large dog).The stairs in our house will not be hidden in the cage, so I would like them to be quite…splendid … for example something like this: Unfortunately, these “splendid” ones also cost money. It is free of charge to look for ready-made prices for example stairs in the network. Even if I found a price of e.g. 8,000, it turned out every time that the price did not apply to those from the photo, or it applies but without a balustrade, varnishing and assembly, etc. Summarizing such nicer decent stairs started from 25,000 USD…taaa … It was not good. But I remembered my favourite OLX portal 🙂 Only dismantling and transport could be a problem: most of them were sold by the owners of houses who changed their decor and want to take care of their own and arrange transport :-/”I don’t know Charles…and what’s going to happen if they don’t? As usual, my husband was buzzing and I was used to following the voice of my heart, not the voice of my husband’s eternal fearsIt was here that I found ! Old… pre-war … The starting price of 1000USDi has to be decided quickly, because the old pre-war villa in which they served for decades, goes on to be demolished in a month. 400USDi has been paid to the local company, which dismantled the stairs and brought to us.A few people were involved in the renovation: I even bought a grinder, stylish dust glasses and a mask on the spot, while my dad took care of the balusters, which he had to sand with abrasive paper during his free time, and the rest (i.e. what I had to sand) was taken care of by the person who was finishing our house at the time (he had better grinders and somehow more efficient).