Mountains 20.07.2018 mcpear
This is our second year in a row when we come to visit the Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful places in America. Unfortunately, this is a very long way from us. To come here we spent two and a half days travelling. We crossed the deserts of California and Newada, the green part of Utah, the endless Wyoming plains to reach the picturesque mountains of South Dakota. It is beautiful here. We spent a wonderful 3 days in the Custer State Park. Here we could admire wild animals of various ointments with bison at the forefront. In the picturesque mountain lakes, children enjoyed the charm of swimming. We also visited the center of Indian culture by the monumental monument of the commander of the mad horse forged in the rock (this place has its own somewhat American accent – namely the madman who kidnapped for this work 70 years ago was a descendant of American immigrants Korczak Ziółkowski). Finally, we spent a charming afternoon at Rushmore where the faces of the 4 American presidents look dignified at the visitors. South Dakota and the Mountains are certainly not among the attractions that our typical countryman visits in a two or three week tour of the Western United States. We cordially recommend this place to all who are looking for inspiration for an interesting and unusual American place, which enchants.
While visiting the Mountains, it is impossible not to mention the bloody history of these saints for the Dakotas of the land. Lands that they have never renounced and have not given up their rights in any agreement with the United States Government. The laws they have occupied with blood so often women, old people and children murdered in defenceless villages by the American cavalry. How they were experienced by the colonizing white people, who established a settlement in the heart of the sacred land of the Black Mountains, which they named the name of Indian hated General Custer, who was famous for his many bloody battles, not infrequently brutally murdering entire Indian villages. How difficult it must have been for the Indians to swallow the huge faces of the four American presidents to be carved in the centre of the sacred land. All in all, why it was necessary to sculpt presidents in the Black Mountains so far from any government centre and so far from the agglomeration of the east or west coast is probably a question of no answer. The areas of Wyoming and South Dakota are very sparsely populated – there is practically no industry, no large agglomerations. The huge meadows and plains are uninhabited. Was it really necessary to kill the Indians in order to let the cows into the plains? The wars with the Indians on the Great Plains, including the Mountains in particular, will remain a black page in the history of the USA. Poles are brought up in the novels of Alfred Szklarski and the myth of a noble Indian – a defender of an unrestricted and free life in harmony with nature, so it is very easy for us to notice this painful page of history. However, I think that contemporary Americans do not notice these aspects and nuances.
Black Mountain Fire Extinguisher
Bison encountered
This is how the roads in the park look like
Prerile dogs are another creature you’ll encounter.
Acrylic’ entertainment
I am a Wild West winner
Family at the Mad Horse
Panorama of the Black Mountains
At Mt Rushmore
a company worthy of the president
Wild donkeys
Close third level meetings – Devils Tower
One more prairie dog