Light and enjoyable – much better than last season’s Sword Art Online. Let us not expect too much, but it is definitely worth giving this position a chance. Final Evaluation – 80%
Can small people do more? It seems to me that this is not the case. Demons exist in our heads and regardless of whether we are small or large, strong or weak, wise or stupid. If we believe in ourselves, we can do everything.
This wise text from a personal development fool describes Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online very nicely. The main character of this anime is above average tall. Despite a very nice face, the figure resembles a rather well-developed golem. The girl has very large complexes for this reason and is looking for soothing in computer games. After many searches, he goes to the Gun Gale Online. The world was previously presented in the Fatal Bullet, a computer game from the Sword Art Online universe.
PS. I personally believe that the belief in myself works miracles, and the text about fools concerned only charlatans from the personal development. Each of us can work on ourselves and we do not need third parties to do so.
Big girl
The main character finally finds herself in the world of Gun Gale Online, a very hardcore PVP oriented mmo. There he also receives a random avatar of a very tiny girl (in Sword Art Online games the avatars are created randomly) and he sets off on a happy journey to conquer the world. He dresses in a pink knocker, invests in a pink PM90 and begins his adventure with beating neutral monsters first and then becoming the midpoint of the PK, the Player Killer. She quickly finds a friend for her hobby and together they travel the game world to spoil the blood of others and at the same time have fun.
The whole anime takes the complexes of the main character very seriously, as well as the problems of other characters. The whole show has a very comedy character, much more than previous seasons. At the same time, however, the creators successfully incorporate many serious topics into the Gun Gale Online. The whole is designed in such a way as not to get bored. In a truly Netflix style, the pace is good, and the episodes end when I was impatiently waiting for the next episode to be released.
To be honest, the first glance at the anime graphics discouraged me a lot and I didn’t see it from the very beginning because of the main character. It seemed to me that the artists softened the seriousness of the first seasons even more (I like comedy, but without exaggeration). And here is a surprise – it’s quite funny, but it’s not too funny.
Gun Gale Online and Various teams
Our pink heroine meets many interesting characters on her way. At the very beginning he joins the team Battle Royale only with an individual named M. It quickly turns out that M is not an ordinary MMO game player and has some interesting things to hide. Then our favourite heroine encounters unusual opponents – a team of huge, muscular, armed to the teeth of … women. Most of the ladies on this team are in the size of standard Fallout 4 armour and, interestingly, their appearance is in fact in stark contrast to what we’ve seen. What does the team look like and who is it really like? You will find out about half way through the series.
The girl’s friend is also a very interesting character and again, the longer we watch anime, the more we learn about it. We really want to learn more and understand what drives each character – the creators build tension and interest in the characters they present very nicely. It’s a pity that this form was adopted, with a slight line and childish forms, we can very quickly discourage ourselves from anime. It would be a pity, because Gun Gale Online is quite good.
Tell me your story
After all this praise, will I say anything wrong about the Gun Gale Online? Probably not, because I liked the whole very much. Anime starts with a very cool intro and the music is very well suited to the whole. Anime does not present any ideological or intellectual heights, and the plot is predictable to pain (despite some cool twists of action). The entangled comedy elements do not spoil the serious background, but allow us to like the characters presented here more. To be honest, I liked the new Gun Gale Online much more than the first Sword Art Online. Although I quite like Sword Art, Gun Gale does it better. I don’t know why, but it can result from the fact that GGO is much darker than the original, although it was not so light and the anime abounded in much sadder elements.
Nevertheless, the Gun Gale Online can be viewed boldly for a meal or coffee after work to rest and comfort your eyes with a pretty cool action, with a stupid story without pushing serious topics in an impassionable way. They are here, but they are not presented in such a way that the anime is somehow especially serious and trembling. It is worth it.