The condition of my hair has deteriorated significantly over the past year. For unknown reasons so far, their volume has decreased by about ⅓, and in addition they have become weakened, inflexible and damaged. Until recently, I thought that their condition could only be improved by hair products falling out, but my approach changed when, during a visit to a pharmacy, a pharmacist gave me a few samples of shampoos for fine and delicate hair for testing. Among them was BasicLab thin hair shampoo, in which I fell in love right from the first use ? And thanks to the courtesy of BasicLab, which together with the shampoo also sent me a conditioner from this series, I can present you today with a comprehensive review of these products.
This shampoo doesn’t foam… And very well!
Before going directly to the review, I would like to say a few words to the Polish dermocosmetics brand BasicLab, which has created a few lines of shampoos and conditioners responding to various problems of hair and scalp. I am a happy owner of shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, but BasicLab products also include cosmetics suitable for hair falling out, dry, oily, dandruff, dyed, blonde, curly or “for the whole family”. So for everyone something nice ?
In BasicLab Capillus products, attention is drawn above all to their hypoallergenic composition – devoid of parabens, SLS, SLES, MIT and Phenoxyethanol, which you believe is not (and definitely should be!) the norm in the composition of pharmaceutical products. At the beginning you may be slightly surprised that BasicLab shampoos do not want to foam, but this is a confirmation of the fact that there are no insidious SLS in them. (read also: Cosmetics SLS – once you’ve found out what the SLS is, you’ll certainly avoid it!) That’s why I know I’ve trusted in a brand that’s focused on quality and optimal selection of active ingredients. However, the fact that the shampoo foams poorly does not mean that it cleans your hair worse. On the contrary, the hair is well-cleaned and refreshed for a long time.
Shampoo for fine hair + conditioner – my opinion
Let’s start with a review of the thin hair shampoo, from which my adventure with the BasicLab brand began. What impressed me right from the start was the visibly bounced hair from the roots, which gives a noticeable effect to the increased volume of hair. Unlike other shampoos of this type, this effect does not disappear after a few hours, but lasts all day long. The next day, the volume of your hair decreases slightly, but it’s natural when it starts to grease slowly.
BasicLab thin hair shampoo, however, is not only a volumising shampoo, but also a thickening shampoo, as evidenced by the noticeably thicker ponytail! The same effect appears also after applying a conditioner from the same series – and therefore the manufacturer’s assurances of using polymers in thickening products have worked very well – While remaining on the subject of the conditioner, I must admit that it is an excellent supplement to the shampoo also in terms of proper nutrition, strengthening and smoothing the hair. The hair will be well combed, not ‘sluggish’ and not frizzy.
After a month of regular use of conditioner and shampoo for fine hair I feel that the condition of my hair has improved somewhat. Now they’re stronger, sharper, softer and smoother. I also noticed that they look much better without the need to model them! I am curious to see how they will look in the long term, which I am, of course, going to do at ? I very much like the comprehensive approach to BasicLab care: it is not about hiding the problem of weak hair for a moment with silicones and other artificial ingredients, but about actually improving its quality.
I would just like to add that I used shampoo and conditioner for fine hair both complementarily and in combination with other brands of products, and in each configuration they fulfilled their task perfectly.
To sum up: BasicLab Conditioner and Shampoo for Fine Hair are very good and recommendable products. My absolute favourite is fine hair shampoo, but the conditioner is a perfect complement. I still plan to test BasicLab cosmetics from the series for hair falling out, which in the future I will gladly devote a separate entry to. In the package from BasicLab brand there was also a sample of shampoo for greasy hair, which I also tried and liked. I am therefore convinced that the growing popularity of the BasicLab brand is no coincidence.
More information on conditioner and shampoo for fine and delicate hair can be found on the website: thin/. I also encourage you to observe BasicLab profiles on Facebook and Instagram. There you will find many useful and valuable tips on how to take care of your hair properly. I have introduced many of them to my daily care ritual.