The conclusion could have been much better. Probably because of the limited budget and little experience of the company, the game is what it is. The fans of Warhammer 40000, however, should like it. Final Evaluation – 55% Pros – Warhammer 40000
– Feel the climate
– Differentiated fractions
Cons – ugly
– very limited gameplay
– rather very weak compared to other 4Xs
Warhammer 40000: Gladius – Relics of War is a game that curses the inexperience of its manufacturer and its small budget. Is that why it better to forgive yourself this position?
Although I’m not a Warhammer figurative player (I have a Primaris set, but I don’t have time to finish painting it), he’s a huge fan of this dark world. I know him mainly from books and computer games, and also from these few small boards which were created in recent years. That’s why Warhammer 40000: Gladius – Relics of War caught my eye from the very beginning. The problems he faced were already visible from the very beginning.
Warhammer 40000: Gladius – Relics of War – Incomplete 4X
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War is a 4X turn-based strategy game developer. Exterminate, Explore, Expand, Exploit. In practice, unfortunately, only the exterminate has been given due consideration here. However, let us start from the beginning. The planet Gladius Prime is cut off from the outside world by raging carcass storms. The factions that had the unpleasantness of finding themselves on this planet are beginning to fight with each other for domination over the planet. Previously, it was inhabited by the people of the empire with weapons by the Imperial Guard, as well as by the Order of Space Marines, which was hoping to build its new headquarters on this planet.
The storm and over-exploitation of the planet’s resources are leading to the discovery of the tombs of the neckties who wake up and plan to bring their forgotten civilisation back to the top of the food chain. In addition, a ship of orcs crushes on the planet, contaminating it with a green skin plague.
The scourge of the Orcs is not just a portable saying. According to Lore Warhammer, orcs are not born, but grow. These are mushrooms of a kind and every orc killed leaves behind a tiny spore which grows deep underground until it becomes a large orc. The entire orc anatomy is fascinating and deserves a separate entry. In any case, in order to get rid of orcs from a planet permanently, it is necessary to carry out a quite tight Exterminatus on it. It is an orbital bombardment that turns planets into lava soups. Gladius Prime will therefore have a problem until the end of its existence or another Exterminatus.
The whole game is maintained in a traditional concept known from the Civilization or Endless Legends. We start with choosing opponents and the faction we play, we choose the parameters of the map on which the action takes place (size, resources, etc.), the level of difficulty and we start the game.
The guard has fallen off. Why Space Marines fought against them we learn only at the end. The Tutorial is unlikely to be useful for veterans 4X Here we are preparing to play the siege of the city of Guard. These few Space Marines are practically indestructible to them without heavy equipment The siege of the necron city. Do you see the Captain in the passage? One himself blocked the necron army and allowed my warriors to shoot enemies one after the other.
Four pillars
The variety of fractions is the largest Verizon Warhammer 40000: Gladius – Relics of War. Space Marines has only one city throughout the game, but it is the most developed and resource-intensive city in the world, and the neckties can only be built on tombs. The Imperial Guard is being built wherever it wants to. The diversity of individuals is also very noticeable. We have here sets well known from the game Warhammer 40000, as well as specific bonuses for each faction. The neckties use resources differently from other fractions – energy is needed for construction and props are needed to keep the units in the field. Influencing, on the other hand, is needed to treat individuals, so when we play with necrons we will try to have as much influence as possible. In general, Nekrons also have passive treatment, so that their units stay longer on the battlefield. Other players have to withdraw the injured and wait a few rounds before they are healed and the vehicles repaired.
Another matter is that of the other factions, Space Marines and the Guards are using raw materials practically in the same way, and the influence is mainly used to recruit individuals. The guard has a much weaker infantry than other factions, but it is cheap and supported by very good artillery units. Understanding the nuances of each faction is the key to victory.
In addition to the usual units, each faction has access to a few heroes. They can be divided mainly into support and attack. The first type focuses on supporting our units. We gain special items for them, which increase their statistics or allow them to perform a special attack. The characters also score points.