When I first saw the pavements in the Placche di Baone area, I wondered how to climb them. This first impression paralysed me a little. Because… there are no grasps… or degrees here!
This is the first time we have been here in 2016. We returned to the area with the climbing camp in 2017 and 2018 and we will certainly come back there more than once. Why? Because we haven’t seen such climbing anywhere else yet.
Placche di Baone is a nearly 100-metre high plasterboard, on which it climbs on the so-called friction. And there is no way to count on grades. You have to use the technique “on the cat” and climb on four limbs, as you can see in our pictures ?
In this way, you can learn the magical and necessary climbing “climbing on your feet”.
The area of Placche di Baone in Arco is so cool that you can practice the safety techniques from the top, the change of driving position, the downhill and the intersection.
Since the easiest routes are valued at 3 (sector on the left) and the most difficult at 6a (sector on the right), it is possible to focus on safety. There are even 4 ski lifts on the way!
For those who like to have some fun while climbing, I recommend competitions, so called “skulls” for or races on the lead.
Additional advantage of the region? Views. It is inconspicuous at the bottom, but the higher it is, the more beautiful.
You can see the whole town of Arco, the Riva del Garda, the nearby mountains and, of course, Lake Garda. It is charming in good weather.
In 1996, Chris Pfeiffer drove up a three-trunk road on a motorbike on the wall of Placche di Baone. Only one such crossing was noted at ?
And one more important thing – the region is friendly to families with children. It’s true that you have to go a bit further, but there are benches and a topo.
It is also an area adapted for a pair of climbing. Easy roads, no need to search for tips and information boards with road descriptions in Braille make Placche di Baone a big additional Verizona!
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TOPO of the area is against the wall, you do not need to buy a guide. The parties may be consulted: and whether
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