Welcome today something completely different from a little photographic and nothing connected with it 😉
so from the very beginning……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Here is the definition of e-cigarette as a start :
E-cigarette (electronic nicotine inhaler) – a battery-powered inhalation device that gives the user an impression similar to that of traditional cigarettes. The device changes the inhalation solution to an inhaled aerosol (instead of the smoke inhaled when smoking cigarettes). An inhalation solution (so-called e-liquid) typically consists of propylene glycol, glycerine, flavours and nicotine in varying concentrations (0% to 3.6%). Sometimes small amounts of demineralised water and ethanol are also added to the inhalation solution.
I used to smoke ordinary tobacco cigarettes more than 16 years ago… I was biting all the time with something to do with it because not only did I feel bad, lean and burning almost two packages a day I seemed to have a fortune ;-((
I smoke and coffee loves smoke always have to be bite in the ice ;-D.
and it was 5 years ago that I was looking for and getting to know what a cigarette it was like, everybody praises such a GREEN WOME so much!
Mild SIN
My first service was Mild Sin, it looked like a cigarette in practice, at the end it was a diode that imitated the heat, it was even such a fairy tale, but that a small battery, it was enough for an hour of use and the capacity and technology of this cigarette was also no weak and underdeveloped, only the appearance was calm (until today I have some parts of it as a souvenir) then there was EGO something more modern with a button that activates the device, to this 5xclick lock.
Here on the photograph a modern version of it because with a clip (Clearomizer) I started with a syringe where you had to fill the oil, it was already something 😉 I filled from 10/15 cartridges and it was enough to work, but I also poured it in a container and I will add it before I reached this level and the state in which I now spend a bit on e cigarette.
That’s why I’m at your disposal because I know how difficult it is to find something in the forums where 500 experts and everyone else in the shops usually do it so that you leave a lot of money with them, but not all of them 😉
When smoking ordinary cigarettes I seemed to be a fortune and I wonder how it is usually on every better side of cigarette shops there is a calculator that calculates the expenses associated with releasing the clouds and there are large sums of money but still much lower than ordinary tobacco.
Calculator from E-smoking World
P.S. I recommend the shop
Well, sometimes I even spent a lot more on regular services as stated here (no fact I burned more 😉 but as for e-cigarettes I spend a lot of money for a whole month and it’s been a couple of months now and if I dared to mix and compose my own oils I would probably think of 25/30 zlotys.
The fact may be that the cost depends on the fact that the heater I turn myself and the cost of such a heater is maximum 1 PLN 😉 and the purchase depends on the evaporator it is from 15 PLN per item.
It is necessary to take into account the fact that many people have already said that when they want to buy their first cigarette, it is best to invest as much as it seemed to be a month for ordinary cigarettes, the so-called ANALOGI 😉
You still need to know which wire to choose, and have an Ohm measuring device, and e.g. pliers, combiners, etc.
I have had Joyetech EVIC for a long time now.
And the Kangertech Subtank evaporator
This combination is simply beautiful and meets the requirements, and it will certainly captivate the smoker who smoked and 3.4 packages of pipes per day ;-D
This set after full + charged battery lasts for 2 sometimes 3 days and so the result is great.
and also an important issue in e cigarette we have a choice of different flavors of oils (Liquids)
and are, inter alia, tobacco(s)
but the mass of fragrances no longer mentioning mint but e.g. Cola, redbull, lemon, apple, grape, banana, and many others best as yet and probably better Liquids is done by the company ”Pink Fury are not so much beautifully balanced in taste, big cloud but their names are just a real shot in 10tek and style 😉
Their price is also not exorbitant PLN 9 for 15ml sometimes at Alledrogo you can buy and for 6/7 zł 😉
Now a little bit about it or are they harming it?
I’m already doing my third approach in my life now exactly 2 years and I’ll say that…
I feel 2 heavens better, I gained a lot of weight, smell delicious, the skin regenerated a little, but wrinkles are there ;-D but you can see that as if less, bigger capacity of the lungs, no cough, I don’t have strong dizziness I don’t smell and I gained almost 19 kg in two years!
They are harmful only in my opinion because they are addictive because there is nicotine and young people through the “SZPAN” epic and then they start smoking really… but when they do not bring it out of the house or from school they will not start using e-cigarette or start smoking real cigarettes.
So, at the end of the day, I’ll just say that it’s worthwhile to use the EVAILABLE VALUE if you’re a Smoker and a PALISE OF LARGE SERVICES…ON THE FULFIULLY DIFFERENCE OF THE DIFFERENT TO BE EXHIBERED, TIME AND UPARTS! ;-