We need English literally everywhere, as parents and teachers remind us at every step. Unfortunately, the current system of education in the USA assumes that learning this language is to be tedious and boring. Because what is interesting about the slow repetition of the evaluation dialogues?
It’s definitely better to go to England and practice practical use in your daily life and… explore – London is ideal for this. School trips to England with an office to take you on this fascinating journey can be a real adventure for our lives.
But what to take with you?
When we have long bus rides, public transport, long walking distances, frequent weather changes and the need to eat in the city, there are a few things we must not forget to take with us from home, because not only do they make life easier, but they also save us lives.
Head cushion
If you are going to sleep in the bus, the worst thing you can do is simply put your head in the window and fall asleep – then you run the risk of having a stiff, painful neck.
A tiny head-up travel pillow can work wonders, so take a moment to pack to make sure it’s taken. Thin-field blanket
Driving without movement for a few hours has this to do with the numbness of the limbs and slower blood circulation. We know this very well – after some time we get cold. So it’s worth taking a blanket to be able to wrap yourself up in such a situation – without the feeling of cold, the journey will be much more comfortable. Portable, small umbrella.
The stories about a sudden burst of the cloud, after the sun was shining a moment ago and the heat was hard on us, are very true and you have to take them to heart, unless you want to spend the next day in bed with the temperature. The weather in London can change dramatically even in an hour, so it’s always worth having a small umbrella with you, which you’ll be able to put in your bag or backpack… but better still, in your backpack. Comfortable shoes instead of sneakers.
When a teacher says that good shoes are essential, his words usually fall through pupils’ ears and then there is crying – because the bubbles, because the imprints, because the legs – simply – hurt. And all because of the wrong footwear.
What kind of shoes should they be? Surely not a sneaker or any other sneaker with a hard and flat sole. It’s best to have some sporting activities, such as running, that have been serving us for years – God forbid new ones! Not a bag, not a backpack.
Information that is particularly important for girls is that the long time they wear bags on one shoulder really destroys their spine. That is why it is better to apologize with a less elegant, but more practical and handy backpack, for example, to always have hands free and take pictures. Additional “pocket money” for meals
Dry food is important and necessary for this type of trips, but sometimes we may miss it or we just get hungry. Hunger must not be ignored then, because it may end up even with fainting or even losing consciousness. In such a situation, money for a hot meal in a restaurant or bar or popular foodstuff in London is basically a must.
Well, that’s all on the way!
If so prepared, we can easily get on the bus and enjoy the trip and school holidays.