The tunics have been known since ancient times. At that time, they were also worn by men. Today it is the domain of women, and the women’s tunic is back to the top of fashion trends. Why and how do I wear it? Here are a few styling suggestions that will help you create a unique look.
How do I define a tunic? You could say that it is something between a longer blouse and a short dress. Due to this “vagueness” of the tunic, it offers many exciting possibilities for creating casual, but not only, styles. So how do I wear it? Here are some of the trendy styles you can create with this tunic.
Communication + leggings – the perfect combination?
Is the combination of tunic and leggings an absolute ideal? We do not know. We must admit, however, that this composition is already established in our trends. And that’s good, because it looks great on every woman – regardless of her figure or height. The secret, of course, is to choose the right cut for the tunic – following guidelines similar to those used for the dress. In short: a loose cut will conceal any excess weight, the waist fit will give feminine shapes, and e.g. a deep V-shaped neckline will emphasize the bust.
It is worth remembering that almost every tunic fits into leggings and that leggings can be both long and half-calf-calf-long. It’s worth adding balerinas (for a girl’s look) or heel shoes to the set – to make your hair more feminine.
Women’s and trousers’ wrinkles? Oh, very much!
Not only do leggings fit into tunics. You can combine it with trousers calmly as well. But note: Not every one of them. But the best fit is for those with narrow legs. The tunic will look great with e.g. jeans – tubes. Plus sneakers for a casual look or heels for a more feminine look. You can also choose other types of trousers – also 3/4. It is important that the legs are narrow – which will allow you to shape your body in a harmonious way.
For summer: tunic and shorts
Going to the beach? Or maybe you are just looking for a holiday style that will provide you with comfort and will allow you to look fashionable on hot days? In such a case, combine e.g. a lightweight tunic made of melting fabric, e.g. from a company with shorts. Now the most fashionable are the ones from the bright, washed jeans. The composition will give you a sexy look every sunny day.
Or maybe as a dress?
A communication as a dress? Certainly not in comparison with tights. But if you have a longer, e.g. asymmetrical tunic… why not? For the summer, combine it with sandals – thongs and e.g. a floating neckerchief, and the effect will be amazing. Note: this is a proposal especially for women with slim, long legs.
As you can see, the tunic offers many styling possibilities. So get the most out of it – not just on a daily basis!