Sending totolotics
Sending a totolot is another way to create a positive expectation in your life. In the long run, this will be an ineffective method for some people as it will not be easy to win a lottery, especially a sensible one, so you will quickly become discouraged, but you can always try it. A life of hope that the six will finally end up in a totolotle, although so illusory, may prove to be a sufficient incentive to reverse or delay the decision to end one’s life.
Of course, we don’t necessarily have to play a big aileron, where a six hit borders on a miracle, but we can also play other games (multilotecs, scratches), which offer smaller winnings, but the chances of winning are much higher. Winning at least once a week a little more or less will always be a little positive for us and will increase our hope that next time it will be better.
Assistance for the elderly or those in need
The variation of the Sheherazade method, presented now, is an example of becoming entangled in life, using our sense of duty and responsibility. If we engage in a charitable project, volunteer work or decide to help an elderly person or a person in need on our own, and this gives us feedback that we are needed, even necessary for one person or another, then it will be much more difficult for us to convince ourselves to make a decision about suicide. Our consciences will be heard immediately: “And what about this person? Will you leave it now?
Helping others, especially those who have experienced their fate more than we do, also has a therapeutic value. This is often mentioned by the helpers themselves, who not only give, but also receive a lot of money themselves, in different ways. First of all, it is a lesson for us: the lesson of humility, of serenity, of patience, of hope, of patience, of hope, etc. The very juxtaposition of one’s “hopeless” life with the life, suffering or disability of the person in need revises our previous views on our life and brings about changes in us. There is also the goal that we are acquiring in our lives, which will always bring about a positive change in us. Many of them will immediately explain that his hopeless life resulted from the lack of a life goal, a sense that would bring life to life, and this is what makes his life sensible. Many have already found themselves in this way in their lives.
Birds’ feeder
Following on from the previous theme of how to use our sense of responsibility and responsibility, we propose activities that are far less important, but also somehow less intrusive.
Feeding birds, especially in winter, as in the previous case, is a polemical voice with suicidal thoughts, which immediately comes up with a question: “And what about them?
Feeding birds (or other animals) and watching them fly and eat, often in severe frost, makes us think about and changes our mentality about Life and, through it, our lives. Nobody, like animals, will show us that there is no time in life for despair, for breaking our hands, that our fate is exclusively in our hands and that our future will depend on what we do or do not do in our lives.